Hot Tubs and Swim Spa Safety Tips  

by Pool Builders on 02-17-2011 in Articles

Seeing a beautiful, blue swim spa in your very own backyard is such an invigorating pleasure, especially during sunny days. However, this can also be deadly as it is inviting. Children four years and below are more likely to have an accident in a residential pool and swim spa than other bodies of water. Many of the unfortunate victims were seen in the house not more than 5 minutes before they drowned and their parents were even home.

The key to preventing drowning or near-drowning accidents is preparation. Having proper safety measures and ensuring that emergency equipments are within reach will allow for a safe and refreshing swim in your spa or a relaxing soak in the hot tubs. One of these safety regulations is to never immerse in the swim spa alone. Aside from this golden rule of spa and hot tubs safety, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC, have these suggestions for keeping your swim spa and hot tubs safe for you and your children:

The walls and fences must be at least 4 ft high and built wholly around the swim spa. The fence gates must be self-latching and self-closing. Make sure that the latch or latches are out of reach of children. Furniture that can be used by children for climbing into the swim spa or pool area should be kept away from the fences. If your home has a side of the barrier formed to the swim spa, then the doors that lead from your house into the hot tubs or pool area must be equipped with alarms which emit a sound whenever a door is opened unexpectedly.

The power safety covers are also a necessity. A motor-driven barrier which can be placed above the water area may be used whenever the swim spa is not in use. Keep your rescue equipments near the pool and make sure that a phone with posted emergency numbers is within reach. Also, knowing CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation can be a real lifesaver, that's why it's critical to learn this life-saving technique if you have a pool, hot tubs, or a swim spa.

Do not leave floats and pool toys in the swim spa area as this can attract small kids to the water. If you have an above-ground hot tubs or spas, the ladders or steps must be secured and removed whenever the hot tubs is not in use.

In case a child goes missing, always check the pool first. A few seconds that goes by can be a moment too late preventing injury or death. For this reason, pool alarms were developed as an added precaution. Go for alarms which meet the ASTM standard. The safety commission recommends that hot tubs owners should use of the remote alarm receivers so that the alarm could be heard inside the home or in places that are away from the hot tubs area.

To avoid hair entanglement and entrapment/entanglement, you should have the covers and the drain suction fittings inspected by a qualified pool specialist to make sure that they have the right size, are attached appropriately, and meet the required safety standards.

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