Hot Tubs and the Value of Your Home

by Pool Builders on 02-08-2010 in Articles

With prices reaching over $5,000, hot tubs can be considered as luxury items. They may not be as pricey as a full kitchen makeover or a backyard swimming pool but they cost a lot just the same. Because of this, you may think twice before purchasing one. Or you may be wondering if it can increase the value of your home. Will you be getting your money back if you sell your home? Or will it amount to nothing more except for a relaxing dip?

These are vital questions to consider if you plan to purchase a spa. After all, you want it to be a good investment. Unfortunately, there's no definite answer with regards to how much they will increase a home's value or if they do at all. One point to remember is that you cant get back the full purchase and installation cost of your hot tub when you sell your home. So if you intend to buy one, it will less painful if you think of your spa as a place for you and your family to enjoy rather than a money-making machine.

On the other hand, a hot tub can increase the appeal of your home for interested buyers who also share your love of them. In contrast to a swimming pool, a hot tub isn't threatening to unattended kids since they have heavy covers, are often locked and are enclosed to keep youngsters and pets away. And while cleaning and maintaining a hot tub tub is no laughing matter, it is definitely less challenging than cleaning a typical swimming pool. In effect, a buyer may pay more for the property because of your enjoyable investment.

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