Hotel Features and Reasons Why Customers Find Them Very Essential  

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The definition of a hotel amenity is something of a premium nature which is included with the accommodation and basic room items when a guest stays at a motel, hotel or other type of accommodation. Each and every place will likely provide various amenities. In some types of lodging, such as specific chains of hotels, the amenities could be standard with all kinds of rooms, while at other locations, they might be provided as optional objects for an added price.

Inside the Hotel Room

Kitchen Facilities
Offering kitchen facilities in a kitchenette unit is a common amenity which some accommodations could offer. This would allow for the customers to store and cook their own foods. A kitchenette unit may consist of a stove, a half or full size refrigerator, an oven, several cabinets and normally a microwave. This is a common amenity that is a part of extended stay hotels. Coffeemakers are practically a basic amenity within most rooms.

Many rooms will not provide a full kitchenette but would supply a small fridge and a microwave. This kind of hotel room is usually marketed as a "micro-fridge" when both items are included.

It is standard for lots of hotel rooms to only provide the basics and no kitchen facilities, but these hotels would provide a common area for guests within the hotel lobby that all patrons could use instead.

One basic thing which can be found in the majority of hotel rooms is a TV. Presently, standard TV channels could be watched without charge, although before, coin-operated pay television systems existed. Several hotels provide satellite TV and cable at no cost.

Internet Access
These days, most accommodations will offer Internet access. Wi-Fi access is rather popular because it is used by those guests that come with smart phones and personal computers. Some hotels charge a fee but within many locations this is a free item. Other places provide hard-wired Internet service requiring the use of a cable for the hook-up connection. Some hotel facilities provide computers in the lobby for customers to make use of as well. It is rarer but there are several establishments who have computers offered in every room.

Personal Items
There are a variety of complimentary things offered by the hotel for guests. Usually these toiletry objects are displayed nicely within the bathroom. Common objects consist of sewing kits, mouthwash, soap, shower caps, conditioner and shampoo, and sometimes body lotion. There is usually a hair dryer and at times ironing boards and irons located within the closet. If you are missing something or forgot anything, many times you can call the front desk and they would be willing to provide it for you.

Towels are offered by the majority of hotels, though one issue with towels is that these items are the most likely to be stolen, which adds additional costs to the hotel. The Holiday Inn provided amnesty to those who gave back stolen towels in 2003, however, numerous hotels really do not do a lot to resolve the problem. It is a common practice for the hotel to charge the credit card that held the reservation for any things that are missing such as bath robes or towels.

Outside the Room

Swimming Pools
In a lot of hotels, there are swimming pools, hot tubs and occasionally even waterslides. In seasonally temperate conditions these may be outdoor pools, and other places provide indoor facilities all year round.

There are lots of various kinds of dining provided in lodging facilities. LIke for instance, some hotels offer a free continental breakfast for their patrons. This is sometimes set up within the lobby or common area in hotel. Common items offered in the morning consist of tea, coffee, fruit juices, cereal, sausage, eggs, waffles, fruits, toast and bagels.

There are restaurants on-site adjoined to several hotels. In these instances, the meals must be separately paid for. Some hotels offer room service from the restaurant as an alternative for patrons.

All-inclusive resorts offer patrons access to food at no charge or little cost at all times of day during the course of their stay. These places may have some a la carte restaurants which need reservations, usually for dinner. They normally have some pub-fare consisting of pizza, burgers, hotdogs and fries available every time and often a morning or lunch buffet.

Numerous hotels have fitness centers for their patrons to enjoy so they could exercise throughout their visit. Other locations provide recreational activities like for example golf, tennis and even scuba diving or other kinds of sports which are popular.

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