Hotels in Los Angeles Prefer Custom Commercial Grade Shade Sails  

by Pool Builders on 09-18-2014 in Articles

Los Angeles is home to some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts in the world. Apart from being America's most well known city, Los Angeles also sees a huge influx of visitors every year. The hospitality industry in Los Angeles is a force to reckon with; and tourists to the city are treated to accommodation that insures comfort and luxury. Los Angeles hotels and resorts do have their fair share of challenges to deal with when it comes to ensuring all comforts and amenities for guests. It wouldn't incorrect to say that shade sails Los Angeles hugely contribute to making some of it possible. There are more than a few reasons why shade sails go a long way in the hospitality industry, read further to know more.

The demand for custom shade sails in Los Angeles is most amongst corporate customers and these shades are often put to use in the hotel industry in a number of innovative ways. Listed below are just a few of them.

Coverage for Swimming Pools

Poolside umbrellas just do not make the cut when attempting to keep outdoor pools cool in the hot California sun. For this purpose shades seem to work best as they can be custom made to cover larger areas such as the commercial sized pools in hotels and resorts. Hotels and resorts in Los Angeles have really recognized the potential of shades to provide excellent coverage for swimming pools.


When hotels and resorts rent out their facilities for big events such as private and corporate parties and banquets, a huge influx of guests means garage space more than often falls short. Under such circumstances, shade sails make for excellent carports over and extended area that can provide maximized coverage to vehicles parked on the premises of the hotel or resort in question.

Outdoor Banqueting Areas

While hosting an outdoor event such as wedding ceremony and reception is always a great idea because of the aesthetic appeal of the outdoors, the warm summer sun often chooses to play spoilsport and even sudden rain could ruin an event. In such cases, outdoor banqueting areas created under the cover of shade sails can prove to be a functional and aesthetic way for a hotel or resort to utilize its space. Most guests definitely appreciate being able to conduct parties and other events outdoors even when the sun is at its strongest best.

Other Uses

Shade sails may be put to use in a number of other ways in the hospitality industry. Many hotels and resorts have small outdoor cafes and barist as on their premises. Such an aesthetic ambience is successfully created using shade sails. Many hotels also provide coverage for their guests using shades in the garden and lawn areas of the premises for guests that like to step out to enjoy some fresh air. Often shades are used at the entrance of the hotel so those guests do not need to step out of their cars in to the summer sun.

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