How A Pool Cover In Melbourne Can Help You To Conserve Water  

by Pool Builders on 08-07-2012 in Articles

Today, most homeowners are faced with the concern of trying to make their properties more environmentally friendly, especially as news of our impact on the environment is increasingly coming to light. Water wastage is just one of the ways that our impact on the environment is being felt and, for swimming pool owners, these effects are two-fold. To help conserve water in your home, you should consider installing a pool cover in Melbourne.

To show how much water is actually wasted each year through evaporation from swimming pools, letEUR(TM)s do some calculations:

In a city the size of Melbourne, an average of 66,244 litres of water is evaporated from our pools every year. If there are 50,000 homes, businesses and public areas that have pools, then this means that well over 8 billion litres is wasted through evaporation every year! This is a huge amount of fresh, clean water that is simply disappearing into the atmosphere EUR" its no wonder that weEUR(TM)re experiencing shortages and restrictions in our state.

Looking at Australia as a whole, there are probably around 140,000 swimming pools in total. This means that, on average, 9,274,160,000 litres of water is wasted each year through evaporation! It is important to remember that Australia is a very dry country and the loss of billions of litres of water is something that our environment and fresh water supplies simply cannot afford.

Now apply similar calculations to the world as a whole and you can only imagine the sorts of figures that we will be looking at. This is, by far, too much water wastage, and we should be doing anything we can to lower the rates of evaporation by installing pool covers in Melbourne. If every pool owner were to have one of these covers in their backyards, just imagine the billions of litres of water that we would save every year.

If you are concerned about your impact on the environment and you own a swimming pool, you really do need to take steps to prevent as much water as possible from being wasted. Some government groups are even offering rebates and other incentives to try and encourage homeowners to install pool covers in Melbourne. If this makes it easier for you to install a cover in your backyard, then it is definitely something that you should look into. Remember, at the end of the day, conservation is the goal.

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