How Asbestos Contained In Vermiculite Insulation   

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Vermiculite is a natural and safe mineral used in the field of construction, insulation, horticulture, agriculture, swimming pools, plasters, fireproofing and much more.
It is essentially a hydrated magnesium aluminum silicate that comes with various beneficial factors and properties.
When it gets exfoliated, it expands into worm-like accordion shaped pieces. After exfoliation it becomes light-weight, fire-resistant, absorbent and odorless.
This material is also non-combustible and compressible mineral used to assist with the transportation of dangerous goods.
It usually looks in light-brown color where the size of vermiculite product ranges from very fine particles to larger pieces.
It has the tendency to possess sensational insulating and fire resistance properties too.

Accordion-like structure helps to generate pockets of air where this is why it makes good attic insulation. It can be acquired in various forms that are used for several purposes.

Due to its excellent fire resistance property, it ranges for extensive commercial and consumer applications such as fireplaces, acoustic panels, brake linings, growing material, attic insulation and much more.
Asbestos is a fiber mineral which looks long, thin, flexible and strong enough to be woven together. They are not visible to the human eye; it can be detected professionally only.
This type of mineral applies to a variety of building materials which is added to strengthen the building, providing heat insulation and make them fire resistant.
Today, new buildings that emerges does not contain any asbestos in it, but some older materials may incorporate pipe & sprayed-on insulation, floor tiles, roofing and siding materials.
You should consider some of the following scenarios:
->Vermiculite that is used for residential purpose and insulation may contain asbestos in it.
->If you are not sure whether the insulation contains vermiculite, then avoid disturbing it until a professional expert confirms it.
Based on the survey, vermiculite on its own does not possess any health regarding issues. But the problem emerges when it contains asbestos in it.

Vermiculite dealers in India supplies pure variety and good quality of mineral. They know the value of this substance, so they have a great range of packaging options to suit all kind of requirements and demand.

From the year of 1920 to 1990, a mine in Libby, Montana induces contaminated vermiculite. This was then sold as attic insulation under the brand name of Zonolite.
Testing is not essential if this mineral has been sold under the name Zonolite, it can be assumed to contain asbestos in it.
Nowadays, vermiculite production has been done in several ways by which it is mined and has a low level of contamination in the finished material.
If we continually raise the amount of fibers then it remains in the lung as well. If these fibers embedded in the lung tissue over a long period of time, then automatically this result may lead to lung related diseases such as asbestosis or lung cancer.

Insulating properties of this mineral terribly helps to reduce the loss of heat in cold weather whereas at the same time it aids to keep the interior cool in hot weather in which it also named as sound absorbent material.

By following all the necessary regulations, you can keep away the risk of damage to dangerous goods to a minimum.

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