How Can I Learn to Swim a Relaxed Freestyle?

by Pool Builders on 04-05-2010 in Articles

Being able to breath in a relaxed way while swimming goes hand in hand with being overall relaxed as you swim. You want to avoid feeling like you are rushing through your breathing which can come from being too tense.

You need learn to relax so you do not use up whatever extra energy you might have. Think of swimming conservatively so you burn up less energy yet you enhance your speed. If you find you are the type that can tense up and not relax while swimming, you need to work beyond that and during practice is when you do it.

At practice spend a little time to swim a relaxing freestyle stroke. Do not hurry, just cruse along and try to relax your body. Get your breathing in cadence with your strokes and just relax your muscles while pulling yourself along. When your mouth clears the water take in a breath, then exhale blowing some bubbles as you turn your back down.

It may not make sense but try it, you can get used to this relaxed feeling during practice so when you are seriously swimming and find your self getting tensed up, you can think about what being in a relaxed state feels like. This may help you to calm yourself somewhat.

If you can not relax while swimming you will not deliver your best performance and fall short of your swimming goals. Start before you even get into the pool to relax by listening to some music or finding a quite place to sit so you can clear your mind.

Ask around or watch what others may be doing to relax before a meet and try that. Most people are pretty tensed up before a meet its just that many other no how to get into a relaxed state at the start.

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