How Can Motion Censors Help You?  

by Pool Builders on 12-08-2010 in Articles

Home security gadgets have undergone a revolution in the recent past. Gone are the days when a sturdy bolt and latch would take care of the security of your home. From high resolution surveillance cameras to motion censors and wireless gadgets to simple solutions like stun guns and pepper spray, there is a whole lot of home security options.

Motion censors are useful for homes, supermarkets and business organizations to trap intruders. There are many types of motion detectors that use various techniques like radio signals, photoelectric beams, infrared sensors, vibrations etc to detect human presence.

Get started by undertaking a detailed survey your home and find out a suitable place to put the motion sensor. Hallways and stairways are ideal spots to put up the censors as these are the main traffic spots in any home. A passive infrared motion sensor detects heat so you should eliminate areas like open windows, heat vents radiators etc.

There are both wired and wireless motion sensor models. Some motion sensors come with a lithium battery as power source; you can also access a power source for a wireless motion sensor. Motion sensors can have sound and light alarms and some can even notify you on your phone or computer when you are away. Motion censors have different ranges from a few feet to up to 5,000 square feet.

Perimeter alarm will alert you of trespassers with a sound alarm while the driveway alarms set off the moment someone uses the driveway of your home. Motion detectors can not only let you know about intruders but also will drop clues of any person who is about to arrive and the neighborhood kids who have strayed into your property. Well suited for country homes and farms, these alarms will help you keep theft and vandalism under check.

Outdoor motion detectors can be used not only to protect you from intruders but also as a safety mechanism for others. For instance motion detectors help you detect kids straying into swimming pools, hunting shed, chemical and machinery sheds which could have ammunition and dangerous chemicals and help avert mishaps

Designed to monitor both the indoors and outdoors of your home while you are away, motion censors ensure a secure and hassle free life for you.

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