How Can You Lower Your Electric Bill With Proper Swimming Pool Maintenance?

by Pool Builders on 01-13-2011 in Articles

Pumps Need Priming

A swimming pool pump has to keep a full water flow in order to be primed. A swimming pool pump shouldn't neither grab nor move air, when air exists in your pump it can make it work a lot more than it should, using larger amounts of electricity. It could easily be running dry at times, which will result in not only on an excess usage of electricity, but also, the lost of an important piece of the pool system.

Here are few things to look for on your swimming pool pump:

The pump won't fully prime - when looking in the pool pump lid seeing that isn't full of water, your pump isn't primed. Once that happens, you'll notice the suction is insufficient to run the pool cleaner on the automatic mode.

Then you will have to back wash the swimming pool water filter and look for the following:

The most common places where there might be sucked into the pump are on the pump intake or the pump lid. Check both these areas and lubricate any O-rings with silicone lubricant and tighten them if necessary.

This simple steps along can save you about twenty percent on your next electric bill, plus your pool pump that has a retail price of just around $300.00 dollars, for some households that can be some substantial savings or extra cash that can be used in other important areas of life such as a college funds, paying off some credit cards or even spend on a nice summer vacation.

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