How Clean Is Your Pool Water? Get Cartridge Pool Filters  

by Pool Builders on 12-22-2011 in Articles

Besides having the benefit of owing a swimming pool, they could be a great source of fun during the summers. In addition to providing an option to exercise, they are a great way to beat the heat of the sun. However, the process of cleaning and maintaining offers no fun and can be quite overwhelming.

Flawlessly overcoming the drawbacks of traditional filters like sand and D.E, cartridge filters have been developed making use of latest filtration technology. The filtering element is made up cartridge which in turn is made up of pleats of fine filaments in order to trap minutest of impurities.
These days cartridge filters are manufactured by leading brands like Hayward, Star-clear which besides providing crystal clear water also have extra cleaning capacity to house pools and spas of all types and sizes. These filters are a good value for money and have set a standard of excellence for replacement as well as new pool installations.

Ensuring hassle free, top-end filter performance with the lowest maintenance, cartridge filters have overcome the drawbacks of back-washing and refilling with DE matter involved in conventional filters.
Cartridges have much more available area to filter than sand.

Consequently, they don't clog up quickly and therefore doesn€¬€t require frequent cleaning. Usually, these filters require cleaning once or twice a season and that too by simply hosing them off with, so you don€¬€t require touching them frequently.

These filters are designed to run at lower pressure as compared to other filters. This exerts less back-pressure on the pump thereby providing greater flow and turnover for a pump of equivalent size.
The cartridge filament of these filters cause a great resistance to the run away of contaminants and dirt found in water. This has made this new filter increasingly popular as this would ensure safe filtration of pollutants from pool water, once they are installed.

As compared to heavy machinery of conventional filters, this filter ensures easy portability. Due to their comparatively lighter weight, these filters can be cleaned up easily by simply rinsing with water so that dirt from its cartridge surface is removed. Moreover, due to portable nature of the filter, installation of the filter parts becomes very easy.

Pool filter cartridges have probably become one of the most economical methods of cleaning your pool of dirt and debris that find way in to your pool through swimmers, or air borne particles. So, if you wish to achieve crystal clear water and that too without much hassle then cartridge pool filter is the perfect solution.

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