How Do I Install A Pool Liner For Myself?  

by Pool Builders on 12-26-2011 in Articles

The installation of a liner is a job that often only the pool professionals undertake. However, if you follow our step by step guide you can do it too!

1. Check the exposed shell surfaces for any sharp objects and remove these. Make sure that any installers in the shell are working without shoes. If sharp objects remain underneath the fitted liner, then they could split it once installed. Clean out the linerlock and remove any debris.

2. If the shell is non porous, then any standing water must be removed. The liner will float on any remaining water, and therefore will not fit properly.

3. If possible, choose a fine, warm, dry day to install. The vinyl can be stiff, hard and difficult to handle at temperatures below 60F. If possible it is best to warm the vinyl for at least 48 hours beforehand.

4. Prior to the installation of the liner, cement inside gaskets to skimmer, inlet fittings with silicone or a non-aggressive PVC glue. It is imperative that they are sealed properly.

5. Prepare for unpacking the liner by making sure the pool surround is completely clear of any debris.

6. The liners are usually clearly marked so that it is easy to identify which end is which, and are folded so that unpacking and folding is simple.

7. Start with the folded liner in the centre of the pool surround at the shallow end. Two people should grab a folded corner of the deep end fabric and slowly, carefully, walk the fabric down the pool until the corners are roughly in place.

8. When you are happy that the liner is roughly in place, clip the centre of each length and width in to the linerlock.

9. Starting from the pieces which are already clipped in to the linerlock, clip the remainder in working outwards from the centre, finishing in each corner.

10. Position the vinyl so that the bottom fits snugly into the corners. As you work, try to push and smooth out any wrinkles.

11. Now that the vinyl is nearly in position, use an industrial vacuum to suck the liner into its final position, removing any wrinkles. Do this by unclipping about six inches of the llinerlock and inserting the suction end of the vacuum behind the vinyl. If necessary close any gaps with tape to ensure a sealed opening. Turn on the vacuum and as the vinyl is sucked back against the shell walls, try to smooth out any remaining wrinkles. It may be necessary to occasionally turn off the vacuum in order to slightly re position the liner to remove any last wrinkles or folds.

12. Once the liner is completely flat against the pool walls with no wrinkles, start filling with water. Leave the vacuum running.

13. Once there are about 12 inches of water in the deep end it is time to fit the main drain face plate. Find the screwholes for the faceplate by touch. Once you know where they are, puncture some holes for the screws, fit the gasket and faceplate. Cut away the vinyl covering the main drain, then fit the main drain cover.

14. As the pool continues to fill, smooth out any remaining wrinkles. Wrinkles which are allowed to remain will be difficult, if not impossible; to remove once the pressure of the water is sufficient to hold them in place.

15. Turn off the vacuum when there is about six inches in the shallow end.

16. Re-fit other faceplates as the water level reaches about 3 inches below the bottom of the fitting.

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