How Do You Swim More Competitively in the Pool?

by Pool Builders on 02-01-2010 in Articles

How you swim more competitively in the pool is a matter of you learning to swim more efficiently and with excellent technique. Having good technique will help you reduce your drag in the water and let you move forward with less resistance. Improvement in these areas will help you gain more speed and use less energy in the long run.

But technique alone won't make you faster, it is very important but there are some other elements that you must implement. You're over all strength needs to be developed so you can add more speed to your laps. Technique only goes so far and having the strength to pull yourself through the water is vitally important.

How you build your strength can come from strength training in the gym, doing isometrics and just putting in the time in the water. There are drills you can do in the pool that will help strengthen the legs and arms such as using a kick board and swimming with your legs only or just using your arms to pull yourself through the water.

Other details you can work on to improve your swim performance is your dive start and the turn around at each end of the pool. You should spend time doing these things so you can do them correctly and without second thought. But do not spend too much time on them because more time actually swimming is the most important thing you can work on.

If you're swimming on your own you must motivate yourself to swim the appropriate number of laps, if you are with a club or team with a coach this would be the best case for you. Having other people around you for motivation is actually more fun than being on your own and you have a better chance of making improvements.

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