How Does One Make Pool Maintenance Easier?

by Pool Builders on 05-17-2011 in Articles

Any pool owner can attest to the fact that maintenance can be a bullet in the head. There are a lot to be done to be able to keep one's pool clean, appealing and most important of all, safe to use. It can be a troublesome task especially for beginners. But however difficult it is, no owner can ever skip pool maintenance. Not even for a day.

But what happens if pool maintenance is breached? Oh, oh! These happen:

- The water gets cloudy and misty.
- Leaves and other debris may float on the water.
- Leaves, sand, rocks and other debris get settled on the bottom of the pool floor.
- The water gets infected with microorganisms and bacteria.
- Algal bloom starts to develop on the pool's walls, floors and surface.
- Walls and walls will develop a sickly yellow, green and black color.
- Accessories like slides and diving boards will ruin and rot.
- The structure may crack and break as well.
- The cleaning equipment will cease to work.

Skipping pool maintenance is really scary. It can put any swimming pool down to its ruins. All those dollars fluttering down the drain. Yikes!

What can a pool owner do to make his or her life easier? Here are steps that can help any owner to keep pool maintenance to a minimum.

-Stock up on all necessary cleaning equipment and chemicals.

- Use water test strips and a digital reader to determine if the water is in good condition. Do this on a daily basis.

- If the water's chemical balance is messed up, work on it immediately. Use the appropriate chemicals to balance it off.

- Run the cleaner 2 times a day -- when you wake up and when you sleep. This will help your pool clear out debris that might have accumulated as you work, sleep or dilly dally.

- Run your filter for 16 hours. 4 hours in the morning, 4 hours in the afternoon and 8 hours as you sleep.

- Never fail to put in the pool's sanitizer. Use floaters for the sanitizer tablet or powder mixture.

- Put in algaecide every 4 days.

- Use water clarifirier every 4 days as well.

- Do not under estimate one leaf floating on the water. The sooner one cleans it, the sooner it will go away. The thought is to pick up every leaf and debris floating on the pool water on a daily basis.

- Use a big fish net to get all the debris that are suspended on the pool floor.

- Purchase a steel bristled brush for the pool walls. Brush the walls on a daily basis.

- Clean all equipment on a weekly basis.

- Use pool shock after a heavy rain or heavy pool usage. Otherwise, shock the pool on a weekly basis.

- Acid wash on a monthly basis. After which, opt to change the pool water.

Maintenance can be a pain.

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