How Does an Inground Pool Cover Protect Your Swimming Pool?  

by Pool Builders on 04-14-2012 in Articles

First of all, an inground pool cover will only remain effective if the swimming pool coincides with a certain number of standards. At times, the presence of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in an ordinary plaster swimming pool may cause the water to get contaminated. In this situation, an inground pool cover will only remain active against external contaminations.

Swimming pool experts such as Ray Cronise always emphasize upon the importance of having safety pool covers for inground pools. Installing these covers protect the pool and family members from a lot of hassles.

At this time of the year, winter pool covers inground can retain heat and maintain water temperature for long durations. Granted that the cover has water tubes and some form of indirect heating system, such as solar panels, the pool remains usable throughout the entire year. All you have to do is remove the cover and turn on the heating system for 2 - 3 hours if you feel like taking a dip.

In ground pool covers are available in pure Vinyl or Polyethylene material. Both elements have their significant benefits but for a small extra price, pool experts recommend buying Hybrid safety pool covers for inground pools. The vinyl and polyethylene material that the Hybrid covers are made of adds an extra layer of protection. Both elements protect the water from forming algae, prevent debris from making contact and enhance the overall life of the product.

An inground pool cover is said to be quite strong - so much so that you can literally walk all over it, while it's installed. However, this is only possible if the cover is made to sustain over 4,000 lbs., with a strong cross cable installation to back up the entire setup.

Cross cables are run in horizontal section lengths across the cover at both sides of the pool. The cables are then fixed to a bolted post in the ground, through a drill hole and nut mechanism.

When installing this type of product, take the actual weight of the cover, cables and water tubes into account as well. 4,000 lbs. make up for a fixed weight factor that comes with the inground cover and its accessories, while a secondary weight factor is related to external objects and bodies.

Safety covers for inground pools are considered to be a lifetime investment. When buying these covers, always abide by product standards to ensure a healthy shopping experience.

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