How I Got a Body That Turns Women On   

by Pool Builders on 09-13-2009 in Articles

Several years ago, I was living with my father in a place called Weston Super Mare in Somerset, United Kingdom. I was going to the local gym with the aim of getting a physique that women were attracted to and make me look healthy and attractive at the same time.

I had tried many different programs from books, the internet, trainers and so on. Each time I followed each new routine my body still didn't look the way I wanted it to. I used to quiz the instructor in the sports centre about it. All I ended up with was getting more bulky and the only looks from women in the swimming pool were questioning ones rather than admiration.

Then one day the Chippendales (male strippers) came to the town to give a show. As they were sold out they stayed for another week to do another show. During this week I went to the gym as usual. I started wondering whether women really did like the way these guys looked or not. Maybe this is how I should look. So in the gym I mentioned I'd noticed they were in town and the question of their attractiveness.

The trainer immediately informed me that they had trained 3 days through the week they were there. "How did the women who work here react?" I asked.
He explained that they broke up into two groups. The bigger lads went to the weights gym and the smaller fitter guys to the fitness gym. (Where I trained at the time.) The trainer explained that the female staff weren't that impressed with the bigger guys. However, they did say that they found the fitter looking men attractive. "How did they train?" I quickly asked.

He was surprised by their routine in many ways. Looking at them he would have thought very high reps and heavier weights than what they'd used. Also he thought they didn't do enough different exercises. However, their bodies did look great and the girls loved them. So I changed my routine to this.
At first it felt far too easy for any results but was I in for a surprise.

Now my father had never learned to swim and so I offered to teach him at the pool in the sports centre. This was just 2-3 weeks of following this routine. He agreed to come in the pool after I'd finished my gym session.

Now, I used to go for a swim before when doing my other types of workout. (With not much attention from the ladies.) But this day I was surprised by the different reception I received. Surprised because I still thought the workout was too easy to really work.

I walked out of the changing room with my father behind me and up the ramp towards the pool. Straight away I saw two girls looking straight at me, smiling, and leaning towards each other. It was obvious the conversation was about me. I felt great.

It didn't stop there. When standing in the shallow end with my father different girls kept swimming up and walking in front clearly staring at my body. Wow, this is brilliant I thought. At last the right results and from something so apparently easy.

It carried on even with them staring at my T-shirt as I walked home. Other people, I knew, started asking me what I was doing. When I told them, some started following the routine while others thought it sounded too easy to work and didn't try it. Shame on them.

So I'm now sharing this routine with you and others. At the same time I thought I'd make a little pocket money as well. Why not? So I've decided to just ask one pound (approx. 1.5 US dollars) for the routine.

Well, this doesn't make me rich but it gives me something in return for sharing this with others.

You'll notice it's very simple and fairly easy to complete but stick with it. The results happen. I don't know why it works as I'm not an expert. All I know is that it did for me.

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