How Long After Getting a Tattoo Can You Go Swimming? What Everyone Should Know

by Pool Builders on 02-23-2010 in Articles

So you went and got a new tattoo and the next thing you want to do is go out to the beach or pool. Well there are a few things you should know before you make that big leap. Read onto learn how to properly take care of that new image on your body. Find out how long after getting a tattoo can you go swimming?

First, you should be congratulated on taking that leap of faith and getting the tattoo of your dreams. You should know however that your tattoo should be given at least 14 days to heal. This will allow for all of the flaking and peeling to complete. This also allows for all of the scabs to disappear as well.

Secondly, you should know that by getting into the pool so soon you still run a risk. There are chemicals and bacteria that can leave you infected if you are around them for any extended period of time. It is recommended that you give the tattoo about 3 months to heal. This is because it will take your skin about that much time to create a whole new cover of skin to go over your tattoo.

Thirdly, it is recommended that you do not get your tattoo in the summer. Yes! This may seem like a very ideal time in most peoples mind but it isn't. This is because everyone wants to have summer fun,. This normally includes going to the pool, where you will be surrounded by chemicals and other germs. This makes it much harder for your tattoo to heal properly. It can also lead to infection and an ill looking tattoo. It is understandable that one may ask how long after getting a tattoo can you go swimming?

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