How Much Does Above Ground Swimming Pool Care Cost?

by Pool Builders on 07-01-2009 in Articles

Caring for a swimming pool can be one of the most expensive investments that people can make during the summer months. The expense comes from several sources, but is almost always present for all of us that own a pool and care for it properly. You have the opening expense in the form of an increase in your water bill, opening chemicals, and the investment in a solar cover if you need one. Now if you want to save money throughout the summer here are a couple of tips that can help you save money on your pool.

1. Purchase Your Chemicals On Fall Clearance

Now you might be asking how you can manage this, but if you go to your retail stores during the fall time when people are closing their pools and your picking up your closing kit you might want to look at the normal chemicals that you use during the summer. Many of the retail stores in my area will have the normal chemicals marked down to close to being half off of the normal summer time prices which can be a great savings.

2. Use Solar Power for Your Pool Pump

Now if you have a pool then you are probably already anticipating the increase in your electric bill which can be huge when you factor in your air conditioner as well. However, a great way to maintain your electric bill at the reasonable levels that we are used to is to build your own solar power system to power your pool pump. Then you do not have to worry about this increase in your summer bills.

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