How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?  

by Pool Builders on 07-06-2011 in Articles

During summers and extra-humid afternoons, you can't help but wish you have your own pool so that you can languish in it for as much as you would like to, to chase off the heat. The question that mostly nags at you when you start thinking about it would be how much it would cost you. Nonetheless, if you really make some serious research and calculations on it, you will find that it's not that really impossible for you to have your own inground swimming pool. Considering the factors that affect the cost, you could make some modifications that would suit your needs and budget. How much does an inground pool cost would invariably come down to factors like the size, the type of pool you want and the accessories you may want attached to it.

The cost of inground pool would vary according to what size you would want to have. Would you want it to be an Olympic-sized pool or just the small infinity styled pool? The larger and deeper the pool would be, the higher the cost it entails. This goes the same for the type of pool you would want installed. If you are opting for a vinyl-lined or concrete or gunite type pool, chances are you would spend about $7,000 to $16,000 and $15,000 to $25,000 respectively.

Fiberglass pool would cost you a lot more upfront but since it is requires minimal maintenance cost, it somehow balanced the equation of costing. You don't have to spend on expensive chemicals in the cleaning of fiberglass pools since it is non-porous. How will you use your pool would also be a factor on its upfront cost. If you primarily envision your pool as an oasis of leisure, with all the amenities to achieve it, like heating system, with whirlpool on the side, lighting system and sport jet streams, then expect the cost to go much higher.

The price of some components like adjustable water speed and the filtration system of a pool, coupled with its own pump, would adversely affect its total cost. On the average, pools would cost you about $10,000 and above. For inground pools which are a size larger with all the modern day amenities would probably cost you anywhere from $50,000 and higher. Shopping around for what you have in mind would be good advised for you. You can consult pool professionals when you already have the basic plan in mind, to make sure that you are getting what you will be paying for. How much does an inground pool cost would be affected too if you make it a diy project or let someone professional do the job. If you are not really that expert in installing a pool, it would be better to let someone professional do it so as not to waste your money, time and effort if something goes wrong.

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