How Often Should I Clean The Swimming Pool Filter Cartridges?

by Pool Builders on 05-18-2007 in Articles

The most common question from pool owners is about how often they should clean their swimming pool filter cartridges. Although the answer can vary from filter to filter, there are a few general guidelines that will give you an idea as to when it is time to clean your cartridges.

The easiest way to determine the effectiveness of your pool filter cartridge is your filter's pressure indicator. This is usually a gauge or meter that is on the outside of your filter housing. This gauge will also show you the maximum pressure at which your filter should operate. Be certain that your filter does not exceed this pressure.

As your cartridge begins to accumulate dirt and debris it becomes more difficult for the pump to circulate water through the filter. As a result, the pressure on your filter system increases and less water is circulated through your system. Not only does this increase the workload on your pump, it also reduces the quantity of water that is filtered. This leaves more dirt and debris in your pool. Most cartridge filters run at a lower pressure than sand or DE.

To get an accurate reading of your filters effectiveness you should make note of the pressure reading on your system when you install a new filter cartridge. This will be your baseline reading.

As time goes by and your filter begins to accumulate debris, the system pressure will increase. When the pressure increases by about 8-10psi (8-10 pounds per square inch) it is time to either clean or replace your cartridge.

With the low cost of cartridges, replacement is easy and inexpensive. If you decide to clean your cartridge be sure to not use too much pressure. Too much pressure can actually push debris further into the cartridge. Your goal is to simply rinse off the larger debris. After you rinse the cartridge you should soak it in an alkaline based cartridge cleaning solution. After you have finished soaking it you should gently rinse any remaining debris.

After you replace your cartridge the system pressure should be lower. If it isn't then it's probably time to replace it. A properly functioning filter system will have lower pressure which allows it to circulate more water and remove more debris.

By making sure that your swimming pool filter cartridges are in proper working order you will extend the life of your pump, your cartridges and most important, you will have a sparkling pool that is clean, clear and beautiful.

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