How Parents Can Teach Their Children To Swim

by Pool Builders on 09-13-2010 in Articles

Teaching someone in your family how to swim is similar to helping someone learn how to drive. There are risks involved and the process requires a lot of patience and support.

Once you have located a venue near your home for the swimming lessons you will need to buy a swimsuit and a kickboard.

Using a kickboard will help your child get used to moving in the water using their legs. First have them practice holding onto the side and check that they have the correct technique. After they have mastered the movements of their legs you can hold them under their armpits and give them the opportunity to kick without using the wall for support. Once they have enough confidence, walk them out into the shallow area of the pool and allow them to attempt swimming, with your supervision, using the kickboard.

Once they are able to swim using the kickboard it is time to move up to the next level. This involves them learning to swim using their arms. To give them an idea of what they are expected to do, first give them a demonstration. Show them how they should use their arms whilst kicking with their legs. They aren't going to be able to do this by themselves so support them by placing your arms beneath their stomach, keeping them afloat.

This level will take longer to complete and will require your child gaining enough skill and confidence to attempt a short swim, alone. Be sure to accompany them and offer them plenty of praise and positive reinforcement. If they have a fright it may take them a while to build up their trust and confidence again so go slowly and try not to push them too hard into doing something they are not ready for or comfortable doing.

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