How Pools Can Save You Money  

by Pool Builders on 04-11-2013 in Articles

If you think a swimming hole in your own backyard is way too extravagant, you may be surprised to learn that pools can actually save you money. That is right; having a kidney bean shaped body of water on your property is not only an investment in your real estate value, it can save you cash throughout the year. After learning about all the ways that building a liquid oasis in your yard can be good for your bank account, you might be ready to call in the contractor.

Save on Recreation Costs

If your family loves to spend time pursuing recreation, this can be a wonderful thing but it can also become very costly. If your kids want to go bowling, to the movies, and to the local amusement park, you may be hauling out your wallet and peeling off greenbacks on a regular basis. Sure, you want your children to have fun but draining your bank account can be dangerous for your financial health. If they have a ready-made cement pond in the backyard, they can dive in, invite their friends over and not ask for a dime. If you and your spouse belong to a fitness center where the monthly fees are deducted from your account, this can add up! If the two of your take up lap swimming in your own yard, the monthly deductions at the gym can be halted.

Save on Energy Bills

In the summer, the AC bills can add up substantially. When the seasonal triple digits strike, you have to keep the air conditioner on high 24/7. This can add hundreds of dollars to your household bills each month during the warmest part of the year. Pools can cool your clan off so they do not need the AC cranked up quite so intensely. If your family takes a dip in the refreshing water several times a day, they will lower their body temperatures and will not need to have such chilled interior household air.

Date Night

If you love to go out on dates with your sweetheart, dinner and movie tickets can be costly. When you build pools or spas in your own yard, you can have romantic evenings at home. Soaking in a spa can relax you both and a night of skinny dipping can be downright thrilling. You can have romance any night of the week when you have your own paradise behind your house.

Pools are not just luxury items. No! They are actually ways to cut costs at home and still enjoy your life. They provide recreation, refreshment, and romance.

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