How Safe Are Our Children Around the Home?

by Pool Builders on 03-19-2010 in Articles

Are we, as parents investing enough interest in the safety of our children? Well, according to recent worldwide surveys - we're not.

Whether it's a result of limited finances or the confidence in our ability to properly monitor our active children, there seems to be an element of neglect when it comes to protecting our children from society's potentially dangerous surroundings.

Injuries tend to include falls, bicycle crashes, burns, road-related accidents and drowning. Despite a range of safety measures available to us today, many parents are still not taking the necessary action to prevent these from happening.

Around the home is where it should all start, especially as this is where most of their time is spent. Most children love the water and with more and more houses installing swimming pools, the need to make them a safe playing area is essential.

Thankfully, fences and gates of a certain height have now become a compulsory feature of all swimming pools. This has helped decrease the number of child-related accidents.

There is now a wide range of fence and gate styles that also cater for spa pools. These include anything from unique architectural fences to basic styles that fit in with the strictest of budgets. They all come with approved gate closers and latching systems to provide extra peace of mind for parents.

Parents are starting to look beyond their swimming pools to provide additional safety measures for their children. Handrails and balustrades have become incredibly popular in preventing falls. Gate automation is also proving effective in preventing road-related accidents. There are a lot of parents leading busy lifestyles and with this comes forgetfulness. Automatic gates have helped protect our kids from these elements.

With today's advancing technology, there's just no excuse for neglecting our children's safety. By implementing the relevant measures, we'll see a significant decrease in child accidents.

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