How Should You Start Teaching Your Child How To Swim? It’S Easier Than You Thought Just Follow Our Simple Guide!  

by Pool Builders on 04-10-2013 in Articles

Is your child ready to learn how to swim? Swimming lessons can be expensive and if you already know how to swim yourself then there is no reason why you canâEUR(TM)t teach them yourself. All you need to get them started is a float, a swimsuit, goggles and a swimming cap. But just because you can swim yourself it doesnâEUR(TM)t necessarily mean you can teach it âEUR" it may be years since you learnt and your own lessons will be a dim and distant memory. But anybody can teach swimming for children âEUR" it just takes a bit of reading up on whatâEUR(TM)s what. So what are you waiting for? LetâEUR(TM)s teach this fish to swim! HereâEUR(TM)s what you do:-

Get Your Child Ready

Build their excitement by buying them their very own swimsuit, goggles and float. Get them to dress up in it and pretend to go swimming. If youâEUR(TM)re feeling really creative then get them a snorkel too!

Teach Them To Kick Their Legs

Right, once youâEUR(TM)re in the pool head straight to the shallow end. DonâEUR(TM)t scare them by making them feel out of their depth early on. Get them to hang on to the side of the pool and start kicking their legs. Encourage them to try and keep themselves afloat while they do this but support them under their tummy to give them the feeling they are floating.

Get Them To Use A Float

Once they are used to kicking their legs, give them a float and get them to hang on to the float instead of the side of the pool while they are kicking. This small transition will be quite scary for them so encourage them all of the way.

Introduce The Arms

Let them practise swimming with a float for a good few weeks before you try the next step. They need to build their confidence in the water first. When you feel they are ready, take the float away and ask them to try swimming with their arms too. If they wobble, and they are likely to, give them the float back for reassurance, and then get them to try again.

Get Them To Swim Short Distances

When they look like they are getting the hang of it, set them small challenges. For example stand 5 feet away from them and ask them to swim towards you. Be ready to catch them if they struggle!

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