How Taking Aquanatal Classes Throughout Your Pregnancy Can Be Great For Your Body, Mind, and Social Life!  

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Being pregnant for the first time can be an incredibly busy and exciting time, but there are so many things changing both in your life and your body it can be hard to get accustomed to. Chances are your social life will change as you can't do the things you used to do or your usual friends don't understand what you are experiencing. You also will find you aren't able to keep up with any exercise or gym programs you were on, and it can almost seem like you have to resign yourself to gaining a lot of weight (and not just the weight of the baby) that you won't be able to shift until after the baby is gone. Happily, there is a great way you can get some exercise and get out and meet other expectant mums, and it is safe and easy to do - simply sign up for aquanatal classes at your local pool or leisure centre!

What Are Aquanatal Classes?

Aquanatal classes are exercise classes that take place in a swimming pool, and unlike other water aerobics sessions, they are especially designed for pregnant women. While you are usually given some swimming time if you want to use it, the class itself will be based around standing exercises in the shallow end of the pool, so you don't have to be a great swimmer to get the most out of the lessons or to join in safely. The classes themselves will be directed by a qualified instructor who will have carefully designed the exercises to be comfortable, doable and safe for pregnant women, even those in the later stages of pregnancy. There will also be a pool lifeguard there to help if anyone runs into any difficulties. You can also ask them for further information if you want to relax knowing that the
exercises are non harmful.

How Water Helps You Exercise During Pregnancy
The main reason why pool based exercises are so well suited to pregnant women is that the water makes you lighter, meaning you don't have the heavy feeling when you try and exercise, and your joints and muscles aren't bearing so much weight. Where pregnancy causes you to gain weight faster than your joints and muscles can often catch up with, this allows you to perform strengthening moves and exercises using the water as resistance, without risking injury from having your knees, ankles and other joints strained by exerting yourself with them bearing your weight.

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