How To Avoid Reddish-Brown Pool Water And High Cost Repairs in Fort Lauderdale  

by Pool Builders on 02-12-2014 in Articles

It's that special time again, when we get together for our pool talk! And talking about time... how precious it is... so very precious, that we want to be sure that we are enjoying every minute of it.

What is one of the best ways to enjoy our time? In a well balanced crystal blue pool, of course!

But if your pool water is reddish-brown, or your fashion-forward swim wear is completely ruined when you come out of the pool, then something is definitely blocking your total enjoyment.

Enter Crystal Blue Pool Services to the rescue immediately, with New Tips, that are proven to work.

New Tip

How To Avoid Reddish-Brown Water And High Cost Repairs

Your pool just does not look right.

Everyone is remarking negatively.

High cost repairs may be looming large, as a result. Act immediately. Your pool water is suffering, because the levels of iron and manganese are way too high. The reddish-brown water resulted from erosion of the metal parts of the pool equipment.

How? Whenever water balance is not maintained properly, PH level drops, and Acid level climbs high.

This Acid concentration attacks metal; the metal particles enter the pool water, turning it reddish-brown.

Partial Solution: Add sequestering Agent, for example, Metal Clear, or Metal Gone

Complete Solution: Book Crystal Blue Pool Services and take advantage of the Crystal Blue Pool Services Complete Re-Balance Service; get your pool's water chemistry sorted. This is, actually, the only real solid solution.

And now to that damaged bikini!

Another New Tip

How To Avoid Fabric Discoloration

This is serious; the swim wear is hardly out of the shopping bag for a few hours, and it is totally faded, ruined, and now non-returnable.

What a total waste of time and money. Don't let it happen again.

The problem was caused by a very high Chlorine level.

Complete Solution: Add fresh water straight into the pool.

This will dilute the chlorine, which caused the damage to your swim wear, and most likely your hair.


The moral of the story is: booking regular Crystal Blue Pool Services Maintenance Packages is a must.

Crystal Blue Pool Services offers reasonable packages, that save you money, and free you of pool hassle, and you would never need to cry over how the pool ruined the brand new limited edition swim wear which you are now trying to salvage, nor would anyone else!

See you soon, my friends, and go for crystal blue pool water!

Crystal Blue Pools Services is a family owned and operated business; determined to service your pool with the highest quality of service! Crystal Blue Pool Services has been in business since 2000, and our most important goal has always been to not only meet but to exceed our client's expectations. Since we are a family operated and orientated business, we understand the need for personal contact and relations between us and our clients.

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