How To Build Cheap D I Y Solar Panels For Home Water Heating Of The Pool

by Pool Builders on 11-07-2010 in Articles

I first started getting involved with harnessing solar energy when I built a small D I Y solar water heating system for a home swimming pool. I like to be able to use my pool for as many months of the year as I can so heating up the water in spring and autumn was a great incentive as I could keep using the pool for a lot longer.

Now the setup was very crude and very basic but I had the bonus of having the ability to draw from bore water that we used for irrigation and this came out of the ground at a warm thirty degrees centigrade. Being piped underground it did lose some of the heat but when it was in full flow the temperature drop was not a lot.

So during the irrigation season all we had to do was raise the water temperature up just a little bit to get a really good temperature to swim in. In fact in the height of summer the water was quite tepid and not refreshing at all but it was a great temperature for the kids to swim in.

So, do you want to know how to make solar panels for home water heating?

Well I used a long coil of thin black plastic pipe that I spread out over the roof of the house and the sun heated the water up as I let the water trickle into the pool!

A simple yet very effective method of using solar panels for home!

I looked at what a solar panel cost and it was just too much for a young family the best part of twenty years ago so with a bit of ingenuity and some irrigation hose it sufficed quite nicely for a number of glorious summers. It was really nice to come back for lunch and spend time swimming with my daughter in what was a low cost setup.

Twenty years ago there were not the availability of resources at any sort of reasonable cost that allowed you to build your own solar panels but the opportunity exists now to source and create renewable energy from D I Y solar panels for home use at a very accessible and affordable price. They are also a lot more efficient than the ones I made.

So learn how to make cheap D I Y solar panels for home use yourself and hopefully you will also get to enjoy more time with your family and friends too.

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