How To Buy A Removable Pool Fence, The Do's And Dont's Of Buying A Pool Fence

by Pool Builders on 04-15-2010 in Articles

Some time ago I wrote an article on buying a removable safety pool fence. It was very well received and I was pleased with the readership of the article. However after receiving a few emails. I realized that I may have left a few minor details unanswered. Because the cost of the fence is quite high I feel that the subject should be given more attention.

First let us think about the possibility that without guidance it quite possible a pool fence of lesser quality could be purchased. Remember, knowledge is king.

Lets start with the pool fence companies. Always check out the local companies that are available in your area. It is recommended that you do not buy a fence from a company that is more than one hundred miles from your home, the reason being that should you to need service or repairs you will need them now not next week.Which brings up a good point. Check out how far away the pool fence company is by use of phone numbers and the address on printed materials. Scan websites for clues as to where the home base of the fence co. is located. You will find that some pool fence companies are pretty slick at hiding where they are really located.

Some do not have employee installers, they use installers who in some cases don't have workers compensation insurance. they are called independent contractors. They are often paid cash by the pool fence company and are here today and gone tomorrow. Ask questions. Do you have insurance?, are your workers covered? may I see the binder? If they don't have a copy with them that could be a problem, you MUST make them show proof of insurance, you would do well to write down the carrier and the date and phone number. even better yet would be a copy of the binder. The fence company should have no problem with this.

Another reason for choosing a local pool fence company is that should you have an emergency concerning the fence such as "the dog ate a section and there is a hole in the pool fence" this can't wait you need it fixed now not next week SAFETY CANNOT WAIT!!! If you bought a fence from an owner operated company located out of town you may have to take a number, the reason being you are no longer a priority,they have your money and repairs are not on their hit list. If they are installing a pool fence you will be placed on the things to do list. especially if they are booked up for a few of days they will cater to the new money! So ask what is your turn around time on emergency repairs 48 hrs is acceptable if it is warranty work and safety is not the issue three to five days is fine.

One more thing, before you buy a pool fence make sure that there are no complaints on file anywhere. Check with who they do business with. By that I mean people in the trades,such as service providers and pool contractors. A tradesman will not give you a bogus referral the last thing he wants is you showing up at his place of business angry! Ask to see photos of completed projects, ask for samples of fence, You should be doubly concerned about the pool fence gate they sell" DARE TO COMPARE" it is of the highest priority that you purchase a pool fence gate that will with stand the the test of time, after all it will be the entry and exit of your swimming pool area.

Check to see how many stitches are in the border material of the pool fence, when examining the poles look inside of the pole and check what kind of reinforcement they are using, all most all of the removable pool fence companies use aluminum poles so you are going to want purchase one with at least some sort of inner reinforcement. they range from zero to four, four being the strongest, four points of strength running the complete length of the inner pole. This is called quad cross because it looks like a cross when viewed from the end of the pole.Also check to see what kind of fence section connectors are being offered with the pool fence. some still use the old hook and eye type connectors, like on a old fashioned screen door. look for a stainless steel connector preferably the double ended spring loaded snap latches.

In closing it should be noted that the majority or most of the removable pool fence companies are legitimate and will serve you well. I hope this article has been of some help.

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