How To Check for a Swimming Pool Leak  

by Pool Builders on 02-26-2011 in Articles

Some people think that the swimming pool losing water is normal, but when does "normal" cross the line to being a wasteful leak?
There are several steps to take when checking if our swimming pool has a leak.

First, if your pool has an automatic water leveler, make sure that you turn it off. If the water level goes down more than 2 inches in one day, we can safely assume that the water loss is not just evaporation, but a water leak.

Second, once we have established that our pool has a water leak, we need to find the location of the leak. This will need a thorough inspection.

In order to conduct a pool inspection, follow these steps:

  • Check the pool skimmers. The area around the skimmer should be sealed. Be sure to check the area where the tile meets the skimmer.
  • Check all the tile around the pool to make sure that there are no cracks or holes or if the grout has become too porous.
  • Check all the jets and returns in the pool to make sure that there are no holes around them. Make sure that all the jets and returns are properly sealed.
  • Check all the lights in the swimming pool to make sure that they have no holes or that the seal has not become too porous.
  • Check the main drain for cracks, holes, or a porous seal.
  • Check the pool plaster at different areas of the swimming pool and look for cracks or porous areas.

Once you have assessed your pool, make sure that the fix is something attainable for your pool experience.

Many pools leaks may not be detectable with a surface inspection. Make sure that you recognize the need to call the experts at Pool Sharks. With current technology, most swimming pool leaks can be repaired without major disruption.

All in all, your swimming pool losing water can add up to major costs in the long run. Checking your pool for a water leak can save you money and headaches. Our experts at Pool Sharks will be happy to help you.

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