How To Choose A Pool From The Wealth Of Options  

by Pool Builders on 06-05-2013 in Articles

Swimming pools aren't necessities but most owners will swear by what they can do for the landscape, social gatherings and personal health. More than anything, a properly maintained pool can push up the value of real estate, a very important benefit in case there are plans to sell.

Before buying a pool, understand the options available to you. There are many, many types of pools and not all may suit the landscape. Some like lap pools require vast space while others like spools don't. Plus, you also have to choose between above-ground and in-ground varieties. If you don't know the main options, here's a quick look.

Lap pools: These are constructed primarily for swimming or doing laps. They're long, not too wide and with moderate depth.

Spools: Spools are a cross between a spa and a small pool. There's no room for laps or much exercise. Relaxation is the main reason for having them constructed. They may have foliage surrounding the perimeter as well as accessories that give them a spa-like look and feel.

Freeform pools: Freeform pools can resemble spools but have a more naturalistic look. They have no set shape and may combine round with square, flowing lines and curves. Water features are common as are rocks and foliage.

Family pools: Family pools are large and designed to accommodate six or more people. Features like slides may be installed to give kids a place to play. Such pools are expensive because they boast space and features not found in other types of pools.

Diving pools: Diving pools are deep, generally eight and a half feet in depth. They aren't a recommended choice as they must meet ANSI or other similar standards. If you do want a diving pool, make sure the contractor is experienced in building them.

Now that you know the types of pools that can be built, it's time to consider some other factors.


How much are you willing to spend on the pool? Cost can vary from around $20,000 to close to a million. There are always ways to cut corners. For example, above-ground pools are cheaper than in-ground but they can't suffice as diving pools and if you do find a contractor who says they can, there will be many factors to consider.

Constructing a pool is one thing, maintaining it is another. Pools don't last forever which means there's maintenance to think of. There's also the plumbing, heating, pool covers and periodic resurfacing.

Design and shape

Even the smallest pool can be designed to look spectacular. If there's not enough space or not enough money to construct a large and fancy one, opt for a pool that just about serves your needs while putting in accessories to make it stand out.

Like design, shape can affect what a pool can and can't accomplish. For instance, a circular shape in a lap pool won't work. The best way to decide is to survey the landscape and draw a plan that doesn't require you to majorly alter it.


Above-ground and in-ground pools are safe provided measures are taken. Fencing, decking and locks will prevent people and pets from accidental falls and drowning while more sophisticated systems like CCTVs and motion sensors prevent unauthorized access. If you can substitute a fancy pool for a simpler designed one, you can afford to spend more on safety.

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