How To Choose The Best Slide For Your Pool

by Pool Builders on 03-31-2011 in Articles

Maybe you've had your swimming pool for a while and are thinking of either adding a slide or installing an additional one. Adding a new slide will being more fun and enjoyment and breathe new life into your pool. If you already have a slide, you might consider adding an additional one with a new shape at the opposite end to enhance the fun you're already deriving from it.

When you're out looking for a slide, you obviously need to buy one that's made for your pool - in-ground or above ground slides. You can get slides for either type of pool. In the past it wasn't as easy to buy slides for above ground pools but now with the prevalence of above ground structures, the slides are more easy to purchase and install. You can add a slide to either type of pool either by hiring a contractor or by doing it yourself.
You'll find that the price of slides run the gamut from under $50 to close to $1,000 or even higher. There are air slides - used for above ground pools - and they are the most inexpensive. If you're looking for a slide that will be with you for years, you will want to shop for a more everlasting style. Some slides will require special mounting and all slides will require periodic checks to make certain the mountings are still secure.

Once you've decided on your budget for the pool slide, then you need to determine the shape and size you'll want. Keep in mind, both the size and shape could well be determined on the size of the pool, how much space is available and how old the users of the swimming pool are. If you have young children who will want to take advantage of the fun a pool slide has to offer, you will want to look for a toddler slide (perhaps in addition to an "adult" slide). You can also choose from slides that are merely straight shots into the water or those that have a bit of a twist and turn to them. The height of the slide, which will determine how fast you hit the water, will also be a product of how large your pool is and how much space you have available to mount the slide.

As with everything that is in and around your swimming pool safety always needs to come first. From making certain the slide is securely affixed to making certain all of the swimmers follow the rules of the pool. Swimmers should know to never come down the slide unless the area in front of it is clear - they don't ever want to come off the end of the slide and hit another swimmer. They should also know not to come down the slide head first - the rule to safe swimming pool sliding is feet first only.

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