How To Choose Your Swim Wear  

by Pool Builders on 03-11-2009 in Articles

In the summertime, do and you and your friends go swimming in the lake wearing just cutoffs and t-shirts? For many young people, it doesn't matter what they wear as long as they are there. All that matters is the swimming, and usually it is an all day frolic. Proper swim wear doesn't hold any special meaning for a lot of kids, right? Even if you forgot to bring a towel you knew that mom would be waiting with a big fluffy one when you arrived home and she would wrap your wrinkly body up just like a burrito.

Well that was then and this is now. Today it seems like a great deal of thought goes into deciding what to take with you to the beach or lake for any occasion. Some will actually accessorize towels and floats to match their bathing suits. This goes way beyond cut offs and t-shirts. These days there are many choices, such as swimwear speedo suits, tankinis, a one or two piece swimsuit and the ever popular bikini swimwear.

People are taking those big over sized shirts that have been worn over bathing suits for quite some time and accessorizing them. Seriously, some will even add a belt or tie around the shirt; now that is swim wear. It can be worn over any type of suit just as long as it screams "summer couture" so that everyone will notice your sense of style.

One way to liven up womens swimsuits is to choose a very brightly colored wrap or caftan. Colors do express a mood or meaning and they also tend to stimulate certain responses, from serenity to aggression.

Not all colors mean the same thing in all cultures, but it does tend to be close. For example, a sexy bikini in red will have a stimulating effect on most people and may increase their heartbeat rate and breathing; whereas a blue bikini is more likely to have a calming effect. A pink bikini is said to be the most passionate and may even be more mesmerizing than the red one. If your swim wear includes an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini, then you will most likely attract the attention of everyone on the beach or pool side.

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