How To Enhance The Area Around Your Pool

by Pool Builders on 03-11-2011 in Articles

A swimming pool makes a lovely addition to any home, as well as increasing the value of the property. Once you have decided on what type of pool will best suit your garden and it has been installed, you need to think about enhancing the area around your pool. From major renovations, such as putting in a garden or building a pool house, to simply making a cover for the pool pump, there are many ways you can make the area around your pool look good.


Having a garden makes an obvious improvement to the area, and it is a good idea to get to work on it right away after the pool has gone in because it can take a while to get established. Head to your local nursery regarding advice on what types of plants will suit your area and soil type, and when is the best time to plant them. You need to choose the type of garden, whether it be a native garden, a cottage garden or even a tropical garden. This choice will be influenced by the design of your home, as well as your taste, but the type of pool you have put in plays a big part in landscaping decisions.


As well as being a safety requirement, fencing can help enhance the area around your pool. If you don't like the typical metal bars of a usual safety fence you may want to go for something made from timber, brick or even grow a vine to cover it. You do have to make sure that it complies with the safety standards, but it can be an attractive addition to your pools surrounds.

Pool house

If you are lucky enough to have the space, and the funds, a pool house is a fantastic way to add to the aesthetics of your pool. There are companies that specialise in building pool houses or if you are handy you may want to have a go at it yourself. You will need council approval, as you do when building any structures, but it is certainly worth it. You may to install a shower and toilet, have a bar area and some comfortable couches to lounge around in. Build it with doors that open right out onto the pool area and it will be a lovely spot to sit in the summer.


No back garden is complete without a barbeque, so why not incorporate it around the pool area, which will be great when entertaining. If you have children you can buy pool accessories such as slides and diving boards, or for a bit of glamour you can put in water features and a spa. Lighting is important too, and putting low voltage lights around the edges of your pool and throughout the garden can create a relaxing mood and great visual effect. Think about what sort of surface you want surrounding the pool too, whether you have tiles, bricks, decking or if you have grass right up to the edge. Make sure that whatever you choose is not slippery if you have young children.

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