How To Get a Custom Swimming Pool?  

by Pool Builders on 04-10-2014 in Articles

If you are living in the city of Atlanta, Georgia and looking for a good custom swimming pool builder, then reading the below article will surely help.

In the city of Atlanta, Georgia, there are some good custom swimmingpool builders in business who can provide you with the pool you've always dreamed of, a welcome relief from the hot Georgia summer sun and humidity. If you are looking for an inexpensive surface swimming pool, those have similar costs between dealers and are generally constructed in very much the same fashion, with regard to styles, materials, etc. It is with the custom swimmingpools that tremendous variability really comes into play, and can result in some truly spectacular swimming pools.

If you don't have need of a new swimmingpool, either standard or custom, but your existing pool requires renovation or refurbishing, this is a specialty that many companies have as a secondary business in addition to installing the new pools. If you're taking a look online, make sure to scroll through the pool company's whole website or if it has its own search engine, do a lookup on renovation. Quite often, a company has a larger percentage of its overall business coming from renovations rather than new installs.

The Process of Installation
The in-ground shell of a modern swimming pool is now often composed of shotcrete, which is basically a more advanced form of old concrete, because it is concrete €shot' out of a hose under high pressure. As it is under such great pressure, it is compacted at the same time it reaches its resting place and becomes more dense as it solidifies, thus lending additional strength to the mixture.

Before installing a custom swimmingpool, the pool builder will share with you a scaled architectural plan for your approval, then obtain any necessary permits for the construction and installation, then virtually layout the swimming pool with the owner to confirm the location, and begin excavation for the placement of the shell.

The next step is often installing steel reinforcement so that the structure is totally sound, and then the plumbing is laid in after that. After the shotcrete shell is installed, the tile and coping must also be installed, followed by all the electrical circuitry and components, and the drainage system. Visit to know more about custom swimming pool builder in Atlanta.

Whatever kind of decking was agreed upon at the outset is then constructed by the installation crew, subject to the approval of the owner, and any kind of waterproofing or staining is then applied. Now near the end of the whole project, the swimmingpool's electrical equipment is started up and tested, to verify that the filter is working correctly and that the water pump is operational. Visit to get complete info about swimming pool builders in Atlanta, GA.

Almost certainly during construction of the pool, the landscaping of the home was considerably disrupted - this is now the time to repair that damage done and to implement any new landscaping that was agreed to. Often in addition to landscape repairs a homeowner wants to install fencing around the yard containing the swimmingpool, to prevent young neighbors from accidentally falling in and being involved with some kind of tragedy, or just to ensure privacy from curious neighbors.

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