How To Go About Getting A Pool Renovation  

by Pool Builders on 05-30-2013 in Articles

Renovating a pool requires money, sometimes a lot, which not many of us have. A pool in poor condition is, however, dangerous to both health and safety but thankfully, there are renovation methods that don't cost a ton.

A 'healthy' swimming pool is one that prevents accidental slips and falls and bacterial contamination. If you do decide to sell your house, a well-maintained pool will significantly figure into the listing price. Buyers don't mind shelling out money for a house that looks good, has secure roofing, flooring, plumbing and HVAC and, of course, accessories like a sound pool.

Before launching into a renovation project, there are preliminary steps you must take to ascertain the extent of damage and type of damage so that a thought-out plan can be devised. You'll have to hire a pool contractor to check for stress cracks, cracked shells, underground plumbing etc. You can also conduct a few simple checks yourself starting with the coping, tile and deck. Obvious damages are more easily repaired than those which are hidden. Note: Hire a contractor initially only to inspect the pool and nothing else.

Once inspection has been conducted, estimate the cost. The contractor will be able to tell you how much. It's important to put need before desire. For example, you might want to have marble accents on the deck though it isn't necessary. Unless your budget can expand, stick with what is needed rather than what looks good. You can always redo areas when you can afford it.

One of the techniques contractors use which is cost-effective and speedy is soda blasting. This strips paint down to bare concrete. The method is non-toxic and non-flammable to boot so you can be assured that your health and the environment are not affected. Ask the contracting company if they use this technique. You'll save time, effort and money.

Meet with at least four pool contractors for the actual work. Give them the estimate from the first contractor as well as the areas that need repair. Ask them how much of the work can be done to conform to your budget. They should be able to give you a breakdown of the cost of repairs.

When you have the list from the contractors and you're satisfied, invite bids from those whose costs complement the pool requirements and your budget. Choosing a contractor can be tricky especially if the final contenders appear to be able to deliver. What you can do is have them give referrals of past clients and past works. You can then visit the clients and the sites and see the work for yourself.

Another very important point to note is how the contractors undertake work. Not every contractor gives the job to his own team, i.e., people working directly in his payroll. Some subcontract the work which may not agree with you. Of course, there are some very good subcontractors but it's best to choose one who uses his own team.

Last but not least is insurance. You must not be held liable for accidents. Trusted contractors insure their workers and the company so that if accidents occur on your pool site, their insurance will cover them. The papers should ideally be sent to you from the insurance company.

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