How To Intelligently Design Your Pool

by Pool Builders on 04-06-2011 in Articles

Constructing your very own pool is both exciting and fun. But with a lot of things to plan about, it may sometimes come across as a hassle. A lot of people think that acquiring a pool is a piece of cake -- well it can be with an appropriate plan to execute things.

With that said, how are we supposed to go about effectively planning a design for our pool? These are sure fire ways to help you do just that.


Stones will be used to manufacture flooring for and on your pool area. Choose stones that are not only stylish but are also cool to the touch. Be reminded that your pool area is exposed to excessive sunlight during the day so they will definitely absorb heat. Have you ever experienced going to a resort where you've literally gotten your feet burned by the heat on the stone flooring? Prevent this by carefully using heat proof stones for your pool floor.


Drainage is 100% important in designing your pool area. Stainless steel drains are a thing of the past. Away with the old and in with the new. Drainage today is made to look incorporated to the design as well. They are now strategistically placed right on the stone flooring. Holes are drilled on the surface to make the said drainage. Ask your contractor to do the same so that you can have a new and smart way to provide camouflage drainage for your pool area.


Coping is done to eliminate any sharp or pointy edges that might be present on your pool surfaces. Coping should be done to be able to protect people from hurting themselves as they hold on to the ends of the pool for guidance as they roam around the water. This is great for kids who are just learning to swim.


Be sure that you pick a great finishing mixture that is smooth to the touch and is up to abrasive and routine cleaning.


Fencing is highly advisable if you have newly mobile children and pets. Prevent drowning by responsibly putting up a fence to protect your precious ones.


Optic lighting comes in a number of beautiful colors. These lights are to illuminate your pool at night time. Choose those that are water proof and durable.


It is actually inexpensive to place to put a bath tub. Go ahead and have one.


Experiment with the different angles of your pool and look for the best spot for your benches and umbrellas. Consider the distance from the water and the land mass when deciding.


Choose a cleaner that is noise free, energy efficient and sturdy. Don't opt to go without a pool cleaner. These babies clean while you sleep and rest.

Consider these important tips to help you to intelligently layout a design template for your pool area. Go and plan ahead -- just be sure to plan smartly.

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