How To Keep Frogs And Birds Out Of Your Pool

by Pool Builders on 03-28-2011 in Articles

As any outdoor swimming pool owner can tell you, there are times you will head out to the pool and find the corpses of birds, rodents or frogs. Unless you keep the pool covered at the times when no one is using it, you will run into this problem, especially if your swimming pool is located near a woods or a copse of trees.

You will find, during nesting season, that birds will either use it as a place to dispose of the waste from their nests or their offspring will - unfortunately - drown while learning to swim. In case you're wondering at the reason a bird will be dropping its nest material into your pool - disposing of the nesting material is a way for them to protect their young from predators and your pool can be the perfect dumping site for the debris. Once the baby birds have left the area, the problem will diminish but keep in mind it could last for a few weeks.

In addition to the frustration and sadness of seeing the dead birds, it is unsanitary for the birds and their nesting material to be floating in the water. Also, keep in mind that keeping the water clear of bird droppings will require additional time and maintenance on your part. When looking to construct your pool, remember location, location, location and properly placing your pool could eliminate the need for taking care of bird droppings or bodies.

Some pool owners find that plastic owls placed around it can scare the birds away. This will not work for all species of birds, though. Some people use rubber snakes placed either around - or even in - the swimming pool to keep birds away. If you find that you are overrun with birds, you might need to speak to an exterminator or your swimming pool professional might also have ideas on how to keep birds away from your pool.

Another issue that pool owners have to contend with could be finding frogs, rodents or any other number of insect bodies in the pool. The water from your swimming pool will attract all manner of wildlife and many times when they fall in, they are unable to get out of the water and will drown. You will then be forced to deal with the clean up.

One of the best ways to keep your pool free of rodents or other insect infestation and the bacteria that they carry is to be vigilant about keeping the swimming pool covered when not in use - especially at night.

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