How To Keep Your Swimming Pool Bee Free

by Pool Builders on 02-27-2011 in Articles

You want to spend lazy days around the swimming pool and not worry about being stung by bees, hornets or wasps. Usually around the swimming pool there is food, snacks and sweet sugary drinks and these food items will lure the stinging insects in like - well, bees to honey! Also, if your deck is wood it can attract bees that will burrow themselves into the wood itself. Hornets and certain types of wasps will also make hives in the corners of decks so keep an eye on these areas.

The best way to deal with wasps and other stinging insects is to head them off at the pass - before anyone gets stung and before you have to worry about an infestation.

We offer these tips to keep your swimming pool area free of bees:

  1. Don't let food and drink spills get out of hand. Clean them up as soon as possible. If soda spills or Popsicles melt, they will attract bees to the area in a short amount of time. Rinse the area and clean it with a bit of soap to make it unattractive to bees and ants alike.
  2. If you see wasps or bees congregating around your pool, try to determine what kind of bees they are. Also check to see where they are coming from. Are they under the deck? Nests in the ground? Paper wasps build funnel shaped nests under eaves, or in the corners of your deck. Hornets make bubble shaped nests and they are attached to the sides of trees or buildings - such as your deck. Bees typically return to their nests an hour before sunset, track their movements so you can find the source. Yellow jackets nest underground or in rock walls.
  3. Pick up some insecticide. For about $10 a can you can buy some spray to battle the bees.
  4. Use the spray at dusk when the bees are heading back to their hives and also spray when there are no children or pets in the area. Cover the swimming pool so none of the spray contaminates the water. Also make certain there are no food or beverages in the area.
  5. Once you're done spraying, wash down all pool and deck fixtures and furniture in case the wind carried it.
  6. Follow the directions on the can but spray the nests after the sun has gone down and the wasps are settled in. Most sprays have a spray range of about 20 feet so you won't have to get close to the nests.
  7. Stay away from the nest area for a couple of days to make certain the bees are all dead. There will be instructions on the can for how to remove and dispose of the nest.
  8. You can also opt for "green" methods to rid your yard of wasps. Hang a raw steak from a tree branch - downwind of the nest and put a bucket of soapy water under the meat. The wasps eat the meat, fall in the bucket where the soap in the water washes away the wax on their coats and they drown.

Bees and other stinging insects can be unfortunate visitors to your swimming pool area - kind of like ants at your picnic - but with care and clean up, you can keep their visits to a minimum.

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