How To Know If You've Found The Right Swim Club

by Pool Builders on 12-16-2013 in Articles

Finding the right swim club can be difficult, especially if you don't know exactly how to choose one. What might be right for a friend might not be the best fit for you so consider these factors before you make a final decision. Things like whether the swim club is indoors or outdoors, whether the lap and open swimming times work for your schedule, as well as how the memberships are structured and the quality of the lifeguards and the swimming instructors are all other important factors.

Is The Swim Club Outside?

If you're looking for a place to have fun in the water only during the hot summer months, consider an outdoor facility. However, if you're looking for a place to have fun and stay in shape even when the weather turns colder, look for one that has a climate controlled, indoor pool. This way you can enjoy yourself year round, not just when the sun is blazing outside.

Are The Open Swimming Times Convenient?

It doesn't make sense to join a swim club if the times for laps aren't convenient for your schedule. Look for one that's available at least six days a week, in the morning, afternoon and evening so that there's a time that works for you. Whether you're just looking for a fun way to burn some calories and keep your body in shape or you're looking for a low impact way to recover after surgery or an injury, laps can be an excellent way to stay active and get some exercise. Some pools will even have open swimming periods, which means families can bring their children to burn off a little energy in the water. If you're interested in laps or open swimming, look into the times before you sign up for a membership.

Understand How Memberships Are Structured

Memberships can vary -- some clubs will only offer single or family memberships, but what happens if you're a couple with no children? You shouldn't have to pay the more expensive family rate, but you also shouldn't be limited to purchasing two single memberships. Before you sign up, ask to see which membership tier is right for you, as well as if you have to pay a registration fee. Also ask what happens if you want to purchase a single month membership to try the club out before signing up for a full year. Knowing what you're getting into can help you determine whether you've made the right choice when it comes to your membership.

Are The Lifeguards And Instructors Knowledgeable?

Lastly, understand how qualified both the lifeguards and instructors are. Lifeguards aren't adequate substitution for parental supervision, but they are important if you're swimming with your children. If you're joining as a family, make sure that the lifeguards are good with children so that they can help develop a sense of security when they're in the water.

These might not be the only considerations you think of when choosing a swim club, but it is a good start. Before you choose the right one, tour a few local options and don't forget to ask questions before signing a contract so you can make sure that you're choosing the best one for you and your family.

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