How To Locate A Great Swimming Pool Business & Cut Costs  

by Pool Builders on 04-27-2012 in Articles

At Parkwood Pools we realize that whenever you employ a swimming pool company to perform work on your pool, you need things done correctly and at a sensible price.

Over the last 3 decades, we've seen a huge number of clients not obtain the results they anticipated by employing a 'jack of all trades swimming pool company' that said they could accomplish about every thing when it came to pools. In actuality, they are able to do a lot€¦. of damage, that is!

So, to safeguard your self from getting scammed by a pool company, we ask you to don't forget to take these actions:

1. Verify the Swimming pool Contractor's Insurance coverage

A swimming pool contractor's workers comp insurance safeguards you if a employee is hurt on your property. Liability Insurance covers you if any of your property is damaged.

The swimming pool business which you select shouldn't have any issues with you phoning the insurance company to make sure that the contractor's insurance is current.

You may also request to have your own name on the insurance certification. By having your name on the certificate, you'll be informed if the contractor cancels the policy during your project.

2. Confirm the Swimming pool Contractor's License

Thankfully this is extremely simple to do. To confirm your swimming pool contractor's license go to If a license is relevant for your project, the state might help protect you in the event of defective craftsmanship. If a permit is required, be certain that the contractor obtains it. If you employ a contractor without being insured or a license, you're tinkering with fire.

3. Get Estimates & Warranties in Writing

Get all guarantees and estimations in writing. It will help you make certain that the contractor knows precisely what you're seeking out and, it's extremely important for both you and the contractor to prevent any misunderstandings over everything that you like done.

Also, you need to ensure that there aren't any hidden costs or fees. Anything that the contractor is billing you for needs to be in writing. You want to understand what is incorporated in the warranty, just how long the warranty is good for, and what type of payment the contractor need.

4. Verify References

Even before you start your research, it's beneficial to request referrals. Nevertheless, the key here is to not feel obliged to use someone that your family recommends even though they recommended them we strongly encourage our customers to verify our references or to talk with past customers and ask them if they would employ us again, verify that we obtained the job done on time and also ask if there was anything they didn't like about our work.

If you simply abide by these steps, you'll be a lot better off than a lot of people choosing a swimming pool contractor. And you'll spend less on the cost of the job now and in the future.

What You Need To Know

Even though the law offers some defense against less-than-honest or unskilled contractors, it doesn't guarantee truthful transactions or suitable performance. Take care of your purchase by being an knowledgeable, cautious consumer.

All registered contractors should carry general liability insurance coverage.

A contractor should have a up-to-date business license, and if the contractor has employees, they must possess workers' compensation coverage.

Before you decide to employ a swimming pool contractor: Plan your project very carefully. Knowing what you would like done and can clearly explain it, you're not as likely to not understand recommendations or experience cost overruns.

Request referrals and then check them out. If at all possible, see the work, employment interview the home owner and go to a site with work in progress. Obtain references of companies that the contractor works together with and investigate their payment record. Ask for a copy of the contractor's insurance policy to confirm what is included. Examine all the elements of the bids, such as the scope of work, warranties, references, time frames and price.

Attempt to foresee issues and inconveniences, including cost overrun or cleanup, and come to an understanding with your contractor about how they'll be handled prior to the work begins.

After you've selected a contractor or remodeler:

1. Get yourself a written contract which includes price, payment terms, sales tax, permit fees (if applicable), the specific work to be performed, materials to be used, warranties and start and end date. It's also a good idea to include change-order processes, final review and sign-off procedures and cleanup.

2. Make regular inspections and talk to your local building department about necessary permits. Be certain that all permits are in place and that inspections are in order.

3. When advancing money for materials, it might be possible to make checks payable to both the contractor and the supply house or to pay the supply house directly.

4. Put all change orders in writing and ask questions as work advances. Stay clear of verbal contracts, and be very careful of paying for work that has not been finished.

5. Ask for signed lien releases from all of the major subcontractors and suppliers on your job prior to making final payments.

Other Factors You'll need to know when employing a Swimming pool Contractor!

€ If a contractor is now registered and for just how long.

€ If there's any impending or past action against a contractor's bond.

€ Additional business names a contractor might have worked under previously.

€ If a contractor has ever been cited for infractions.

Be cautious of contractors who:

€ Provide credentials or individual references that can't be confirmed.

€ Offer an exclusive price as long as you sign right now or use other high-pressure sales methods.

€ Accept just cash, need large deposits or the complete cost in advance or request you to make the payment in their name.

€ Do not give a written agreement or full estimate.

€ Asks you to get the building permit. More often than not, the contractor should acquire the permits. Permits are your protection and help ensure that work will meet local building codes.

€ Provide extremely lengthy guarantees.

€ Would like to complete most or everything on week-ends and after-hours.

€ Provides an offer that seems "too great to be accurate."

Safeguard your self with permits!

€ Building Permits

€ Electrical Permits

Steer clear of lien issues

€ If any provider of supplies, employee or subcontractor isn't compensated, a lien might be filed against your home to force you to pay. You might pay two times for the same work. Or even worse, an delinquent lien can lead to foreclosure on your house. (For redecorating tasks, liens are only able to be declared the amount left delinquent to the general contractor.)

€ If you have a "notice of intent" to record a lien on your home, ask your general contractor to offer you lien release documents from the supplier or subcontractor that has sent this notice. The contractor must offer you more details about lien release documents if you ask for it.

Some Good Questions you should ask when Getting Pool Contractors in South Florida

€ Do they undertake jobs of your size? ?

€ Are they prepared to supply financial referrals, from providers or banks?

€ Would they provide you with a list of prior customers?

€ How many other jobs might they may have going simultaneously?

€ How long have they dealt with their sub-contractors?

The solutions to these concerns will disclose the business's availability, dependability, just how much attention they will be capable of giving t

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