How To Lose Weight Effectively By Swimming

by Pool Builders on 11-05-2012 in Articles

Swimming is one of the best exercises that you can engage in if you want to lose weight. It is a low impact exercise that helps the heart to pump out more blood effectively without putting too much stress on the joints.

Swimming helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels. This exercise also helps to tone the muscles of the body as virtually all the muscles in the body are put to work when you overcome the resistance of the water while swimming. This exercise helps to burn up more calories as an average 155 pound woman burns up to 223 calories every time she swims for 30 minutes.

What are the materials that you need for swimming?

Here are some items that you must get if you are really interested in engaging in this exercise:

1-Swim cap

You need to get a good swim cap to help you keep your hair in place and to shield your hair from the harmful effects of pool chemicals like chlorine. A good cap will also help to reduce drag while you are inside the water.

If you are a beginner, it is better for you to go for silicone caps; they have a very comfortable feel.


You need to make use of goggles to protect your protect your eyes from the effects of irritation and inflammation of the pool water on your eyes. If you want to swim indoors, it is better that you go for transparent lenses, but if you want to swim outdoors it is better that you go for polarized lenses with ultraviolet protection.


If you must use sunscreen when you are swimming outdoors to reduce the risk of sunburn, you should apply water proof sun screen on your body before you get into the water to minimize the potential risk of dangerous sun burn.

4-Water Bottle

You need to store some extra water in a water bottle so that you can sip water at regular intervals during swimming to replace the water that you will inevitably lose through sweating (this is because you actually sweat when you are swimming in the pool).

Tips to help you start swimming

Tip one-Don't aim for perfect strokes

When you start out on this form of exercise, your main aim should be that you want to get into the water to start moving in the pool. You should not focus or aim to make perfect strokes when you start out initially.

Tip two-Start with simple strokes

As a beginner you should make use of backstrokes and sidestrokes which are easier to master than the more complex butterfly and freestyle strokes which are actually more ideal for more experienced swimmers that desire more demanding exercise sessions.

Tip three-Master the art of breathing under water

If you want to master the art of breathing under water as beginner, it is better that start your practice at the shallow end of the pool, and you can make use of these following steps to practice breathing in water:

Step one-Immerse your face into the water and breathe out in the water through your nose and mouth.

Step two-Push up your face out of the water and inhale

Step three-Immerse your face back under the water and exhale

Repeat this routine over and over again till you become very comfortable doing it.

By the way, do you want to know the diet changes that you must add to your exercise routines to lose weight efficiently?

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