How To Make Learning To Swim A Great Activity For You And Your Child  

by Pool Builders on 12-19-2013 in Articles

Learning how to swim can be a huge milestone for both children and their parents. If you are considering teaching your child how to swim yourself, instead of seeking out the assistance of a qualified teacher, then it is important to consider that bad experiences with water during childhood can negatively affect a person's relationship with water for the remainder of their lives. With that in mind, there are some tips that you can follow that will help to create a positive experience for everyone involved when you are teaching your child how to swim from an early age.

Don't Be Too Pushy

Learning how to swim is not a race, so you shouldn't hurry your child along with different skills and confidence in the pool. Be encouraging, but don't push and make sure that you are in a good mood before the lesson begins, as you do not want to reflect any negative energy onto your child when you should be patient and supportive. Any teaching opportunity between parent and child can be a fantastic way of developing mutual respect and trust in your relationship, and with swimming it can be especially important to be a comforting presence for your child. If your kid is brand new to water, then it is probably going to take them more than one session to learn how to swim.

Introduce Them To The Water Slowly

There is no sense in starting out at the deep-end with your child when they are just getting used to water for the very first time. Get into the shallow end of the pool with your child and have them practice walking and swimming there. For younger children, place your arms under their armpits and guide them slowly through the water. Trusting water not to be a dangerous place and learning how to swim can be a gradual process that doesn't happen overnight, so always be ready for your child to suddenly get scared and need to grab onto you or go back a few paces.

Teach Your Child To Float

Learning to float can be a great way of teaching your child how to feel comfortable in water, and it is also a valuable safety technique. Simply extend your hands palms up in the shallow end of the pool, just under the surface of the water and encourage your child to slowly fall back onto your hands. Tell them to push out their bell, arch their back and relax their neck and legs until they are floating all on their own.

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