How To Make Your Triathlon Swim Training Productive

by Pool Builders on 01-11-2011 in Articles

If you are new to the triathlon, or a veteran, how do you approach your swim training? Do you just swim up and down the pool just to get in some distance without much thought? If this is you, why not put a little more effort into it and reap the benefit of gaining more endurance and picking up some speed.

Make the best of your triathlon swimming training sessions by putting a simple program together that you follow to achieve some goals. What these goals are is up to you, but at least you give yourself something to shoot for.

You can start to do drills for improving your arm stroke and your kick. Learn how to breathe on both sides. This alone is a big benefit for you when swimming in the ocean. Bi-lateral breathing as it is called can help you swim in a straight line or allow you to breathe on the side away from the waves.

Start doing interval sprints. You can't get faster swimming unless you spend some time swimming fast. For example you can do intervals one day a week or do some each training session. Definitely warm up by swimming easy before starting your interval training.

Spend some time paying attention to how you are swimming. Is your stroke correct and how's your kick? Think about your breathing, learn proper breathing so you do not find yourself holding your breath. The benefit to improving the way you swim is you will be more efficient and ultimately use less energy. This is a big plus when you start the next section of your race.

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