How To Party With Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 06-20-2012 in Articles

You want to be the most happening house on the block this summer, so you're considering getting a backyard renovation. Swimming pools have long been the best way to be cool during a hot summer, and make you more popular amongst your neighbors. In fact, if you get one how about calling up your favorite writer and having me over for some hamburgers. I'll bring the buns. Feel free to bring your own and let's have a rundown on what to do to get your pool party started.

The first step is, as you may guess, to have a pool. There are both aboveground and belowground options. Aboveground options are easier to set up as they require less excavation of soil. That's a labor intensive process. Going with an aboveground pool is also beneficial for safety reasons around children. Personally, I prefer a custom laid out belowground pool. Maybe include a waterfall, a patio, or your fire pit and barbecue into the design. Not only will this give you a great look, but it will also give you plenty of swagger and summer time cool. If you can, and you have the resources, look into not only building a pool. Building a pool and patio all in one can really bring a party together. And a backyard that coordinates will keeps your landscape neat and clean. There would be nothing worse than a disjointed backyard design causing your hamburgers to be dropped during transport.

Above ground pools come in four categories: Industry standard, copper guard, and stainless steel. All three options will get you a great pool party, but each one meets a specific pool need. Belowground, or in ground, pools come in four categories: Industry standard steel and vinyl, premier steel and vinyl, polymer, and fiber glass. All four options will get you a great pool party as well, but they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to consult with a local pool contractor and discuss all your needs in order to find the correct fit for you.

Once your decision is made it is time to get that pool installed. From experience (watching my Dad) I can say that installing an above ground pool is possible for the average handyperson. If you follow all the instructions properly, and do a thorough job, you can have a pool set up in as little as one weekend if you have the help. If you're like me, and prefer an in ground pool, you will need to hire a contractor. If you have the budget you have a company do a complete install, but most all will let you do as much of the work as you feel you can. In my situation I'd have to hire a professional because I'm not at all handily inclined.

Getting ready for summer can be intimidating. Don't be the guy with the kiddie pool in the back trying to invite friends over. Properly installed swimming pools are the only way to go for a proper pool party.

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