How To Prevent Winter Swimming Pool Woes  

by Pool Builders on 03-10-2011 in Articles

When winter is near, which is not much to say for the valley weather, however, we occasionally will hit below 32 degrees and will need to prevent our swimming pool equipment from freezing.

Do a walk-through to make sure that everything is in working order to begin with.

Your swimming pool water is safe if the top layer freezes, but if the frozen layer is over 1 thick, it might break some tiles.

To prevent this you can purchase air pillows which absorb freezing water's pressure therefore protecting your walls.

As a cheaper alternative, you may use half empty milk cartons held together with a rope.

In order to protect your swimming pool equipment from freezing it is best to leave it running all night in question.

The cost of electricity will be cheaper than trying to repair a broken pump, filter, or heater.

In order to figure out if your equipment has frozen you will need to very observant and watch out for straining that you might hear in the pump or filter.

If you hear buzzing that does not sound normal it would be best to open the pump or filter to inspect it manually for frozen water.

You will need to have that frozen water thaw out before starting up the equipment again. You can either wait it out or try to speed it up the process by using an handheld blowdrier, space heater, or electric blanket if you have one.

Don't leave any of these heating solutions unattended as they may start a fire or damage your o-rings if it's too close that they melt.

Once all the frozen water has thawed turn on your equipment and closely inspect it for drips or cracks in the swimming pool equipment or pipelines.

If you would like to have a professional inspect your equipment feel free to contact us here at Pool Sharks and schedule a service call.

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