How To Select The Proper Swimming Pool Heater  

by Pool Builders on 04-22-2014 in Articles

Swimming pool heaters are essential if you need to utilize your pool following the sun has set or if you'd wish to enjoy an extended swimming season. There are plenty of types and models of pool heaters available to select from and it's really important to possess one which meets all for the needs. Although the many available choices as well as the wide range of considerations that have to become taken into consideration may seem overwhelming when buying a pool heater, it does not should be by doing this. Simply by determining the answers to a few questions just before start shopping, you're able to greatly narrow down what you're in search of while making your preference much easier.

Whether you are in the marketplace for a heater for an above ground swimming pool or an in-ground swimming pool, you can expect to have a wide range of various sorts of heaters to select from. To begin with, different models of pool heaters are running on different energy sources. For instance, swimming pool heaters may be running on electricity, natural gas, propane or solar energy. The power source which will be suitable for you can expect to depend upon what exactly is available in your area in addition to your preferences with regards to operation, efficiency, cost and environmental impact.
The specifications for swimming pool heaters will typically use BTUs, or British Thermal Units, to convey the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of the pool by one degree Fahrenheit. Most models of pool heaters will fall somewhere within the range of 75,000 BTUs to 400,000 BTUs. The bigger the BTU rating, the faster the unit will heat the pool water. Therefore, it isn't surprising that higher BTU ratings also come at a higher cost. The speed that you need to have your heater to warm up your pool at will depend upon your pool usage. For instance, if you only wish to heat your pool for weekend use, you may want faster results. However, if you're keeping your pool at a constant temperature throughout the swimming season, you may not mind if it requires a few days to improve the temperature of this pool throughout the beginning associated with the season.

In addition to considering the amount of energy required by a specific pool heater to increase the water temperature for the pool, it is also important to consider efficiency. Fortunately, swimming pool heaters are given an efficiency rating so this factor is normally very easy to determine. While most electric and gas heating units feature an efficiency rating of 80% to 83%, it's possible to locate models with a rating as high as 95%. Naturally, heaters with a higher efficiency rating require less energy to operate and therefore will also cost you less money to operate.

As an outcome of modern-day energy costs, electric heaters are generally probably the most expensive as a type of pool heater to operate. Propane heaters are next in line while heaters operating on natural gas have a tendency to cost approximately half as much to operate as propane heaters. Solar heaters, having said that, are extremely inexpensive to run and generally are extremely efficient as these are typically running on sunlight. In fact, solar swimming pool heaters involve extremely low or even zero energy costs. While solar pool heaters rely on sunny weather to heat pool water, these are typically a good choice for regions that receive a great amount of sunshine.

Another consideration to aid bear in mind when looking for a new pool heater may be the durability of this models that you're taking a look at. Since your heater are going to be outdoors, it is important to make sure that the model you choose is designed to withstand harsh weather and UV radiation. Many good quality units will come with weather resistant housing which protects the internal aspects associated with heater and extends the lifespan of this unit significantly.

Some people such as the peace of mind very often comes with purchasing products from trusted manufacturers with a long reputation for providing top-quality, long-lasting products. Within the swimming pool equipment industry, there are several manufactures and brands which have been around for a lot of years and which have a track record of producing durable and high-performing pool heaters. If you want to choose a trusted brand name, you might either depend on word-of-mouth off their pool owners or conduct some simple research online to determine which manufacturers get the best reputation.

When contemplating the purchase of a new pool heater, you certainly will likewise require to figure from the size of heater that your particular pool requires. This will depend upon the surface area of the pool while the thermal efficiency which you need. Pool equipment retailers will most likely provide equations or sizing charts that will enable you to easily determine the dimensions you'll need. Last yet not least, you will have to consider how much you are willing and able to spend so you're able to determine which swimming pool heaters will fit your budget.

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