How To Service Your Pool  

by Pool Builders on 03-08-2012 in Articles

Maintaining and cleaning your pool and spa yourself may seem like a daunting task to some people, but many owners keep up on regular monthly cleanings and maintenance for their swimming tank, spa, and any other water features. A basic rule for most things that involve water and a pump and/or filter of some kind, from the smallest of decorative fountains to the largest swimming area, is that regular maintenance is key to keeping them operating with little bacterial growth and debris getting caught in the equipment.

If you want regular pool service Chandler without having to hire professionals, then there are a a few things you have to do every month or so in order to keep your pool looking fresh and clear. Basic pool cleaning includes using a pool vacuum and pool brush, many of which are available with longer handles, allowing you to reach as much of your pool as possible without having to get in. Cleaning your swimming hole with a pool vacuum and brush regularly helps prevent bacteria and algae from growing in your swimming area, especially in areas such as your ladder or any steps leading into the pool. You should also check your pH levels and clean your pool's filter.

Pool service Chandler is more difficult to do on your own in different areas and climates. For example, cleaning the leaves out of a pool that is surrounded by trees will involve much more work on your part to clean out. If you live somewhere that necessitates you use a pool cover for the Winter, cleaning your pool when Spring comes around will probably involve more work on your part than regular cleanings. Many pools turn green over the Winter, which basically means the pool becomes full of algae. You can even handle bigger pool service jobs like this on your own. All you need is a lot of pool shock, which is basically chlorine specially made for pool cleaning, and algaecide. If you give your pool a few doses of each over a week or so as well as thoroughly scrubbing corners, ladders, and other hard to reach places in your pool, you will eventually have your beautiful clear water back just in time for the beginning of Summer.

While most pool owners can handle regular cleaning and maintenance, there are some things you should trust a professional to do. You may want to find a local pool service Chandler [] vendor to do annual inspections of your pool, and to keep on hand for repairs and renovations. Having a professional inspect your pool and equipment can save you money in more expensive repairs down the road, and if you have your pool equipment serviced they can last you many more years to come.

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