How To Tell When Your In-Ground Pool Needs A Renovation

by Pool Builders on 02-26-2011 in Articles

As with any item in and around your home, there will eventually come a time when you will either need - or want - to upgrade and renovate your in-ground swimming pool. If you live in an area of the country that undergoes extreme weather shifts - like the northeast - these changes in weather take a toll on your pool.

How do you determine when your pool needs a facelift? Here's our checklist of items to look into to decide whether your in-ground pool needs to be renovated:

  • Are your pool materials out of date? Look at the swimming pool tiles with a critical eye, especially those on the patio and the side of the pool. Are they worn down and slippery when swimmers are walking on them? Smooth tiles are a sign of the passage of time. One of the main reasons for a renovation project is to address safety issues.
  • Is your pool showing signs of aging? If there are cracks or stains on the pool floor or walls, it could be time to renovate. Harsh weather can lead to tiles cracking - this is another good reason to keep your pool covered when it's not in use and especially in the winter time. Keep in mind that cracked tiles can lead to trip and fall injuries or cuts and scrapes.
  • Does your pool no longer meet the needs of your family? If the children have grown up and the pool is now used by adults, maybe you want to downsize and put in a lap pool. Or is the pool too small? If you can't comfortably swim laps, it might be time to extend the length or width of your pool. Yes, this is a bigger undertaking than most renovations, but it might be something you'll want to consider.
  • Do you still love the look of your pool? When your pool was first installed you might have been pleased with it being used just for swimming. Or maybe you bought the house and the pool was already there and now you want to upgrade. Perhaps you want to add a fountain, Jacuzzi or a tanning shelf.
  • Turn one end of the swimming pool into a grotto: Add a hot tub or a shallow end made just for floating around on a raft.

Once you decide that your swimming pool needs to be renovated, call a few pool contractors to discuss the project with them. Don't jump at the first estimate you receive. Renovating your swimming pool is a big undertaking so take your time and get a few estimates. As the potential pool contractor for referrals from former clients before you sign any contracts.

A pool remodeling project is a large undertaking so plan it at a time when it can be complete before the swimming season comes around. You don't want to lose a whole season, especially if you live in an area of the country where the summers are not all that long.

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