How To Vacuum A Pool  

by Pool Builders on 12-05-2011 in Articles

Swimming pools are a great investment for your family. They can be a great way to pass the long summer days and an unlimited source of entertainment. A pool must be maintained in order for it to last and have fresh clean water to enjoy. Not maintaining a pool properly can cause the water to turn green and it can be expensive to fix. Many do not know how to vacuum a pool, but it is easy.

To have a crystal clear pool you will need to ensure that you vacuum it out periodically. To vacuum, you will need to gather some items to get started. The first thing that you will need is a hose that can reach all the way across the pool. You will also need to get an expandable pool pole. This pole should be able to reach all over the pool as well for adequate cleaning. You can purchase a vacuum head attachment that is adequate for the size of your pool. These pool heads come with wheels and a 'skimmer basket vacuum attachment' that can also pick up leaves.

After you have all your supplies, take your skimmer and get any debris from the top surface of the pool. There will be bugs and leaves and a great deal of other things that can easily be caught with the pool skimmer. After the pool has been skimmed, the vacuum and leaf bag needs to be placed into the water outlet area. This attachment will protect the pumps and pipes of the pool and prevent it from plugging up. After the hoses and vacuum are connected place it in the water. Throughout the entire vacuuming process, the head must stay in under the water. You want to ensure that the entire head of the hose is filled with water. This will keep air from going into your pump and causing problems. Make sure to hold it down until you do not see any more air bubbled coming to the surface. Make sure to have your water hose close by, as you will need to connect it to the 'skimmer and basket attachment.'

Now that you are all set up, begin taking the vacuum and passing it slowly over the bottom of the pool slowly. You can vacuum up the sides and walls all around the underwater area. When you have finished cleaning the entire area thoroughly, disconnect the hose from the skimmer. You will want to ensure that you all of the hoses are fully drained of any and all water. Arrange the hoses in a place where they will not get holes or make great homes for pests. For those who do not know how to vacuum a pool, they will find it is actually easy.

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