How To Vacuum Your Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 01-05-2012 in Articles

Let's discuss the manual system. For this, you will need the following items: a telescopic pole, a vacuum hose, a vacuum head (also called a vacuum brush), and a skim-vac. A skim-vac will allow you to leave your skimmer basket in place and any leaves or debris you vacuum off the floor of your pool will go into this basket and not into your plumbing lines.

Your vacuum hose normally has a swivel end and a stationary end. The swivel end fits over your vacuum brush and they attach to your telescopic pole. You have to fill the vacuum hose with water. With your left hand you could hold the end of the telescopic pole with the vacuum head under water and the other end of the vacuum hose in your right hand and out into the pool.

Hold the other end of the vacuum hose in front of your return fitting with the pump running. It would be a good idea to turn the eyeball down to make it easier for you to see the pool floor. Water will flow into your hose and you will see bubbles coming out of the other end. Keep the vacuum brush under water at all times. The bubbles will stop when the hose is full of water.

Take the end of the hose you had in front of the return fitting and attach it to your skimvac. Now place this skimvac over your skimmer. If you have a sand filter with a multiport valve, your filter multiport value should (in most cases) be in the filter position. What ever you vacuum will go into your filter. All filter systems are different and the instructions here regarding the filter are generic and may or may not apply to your filter. Be sure to read and understand your filter's owner's manual before attempting any of this.

As your sand filter gets dirty, air bubbles or dirt will blow back into your pool. When that happens, it is time to backwash your filter (remove the dirt). Turn your pump off. Remove the skimvac from the skimmer. Put the multiport value in the backwash position. Turn pump on. Your sight glass will fill up with water. Let pump run until sight glass clears. Then turn pump off and put multiport value into the rinse position. Now you will be removing any dirt left in the plumbing lines. Turn the pump on and leave it in this position about 20 seconds.

Then turn the pump off and put the multiport valve back in the filter position. Turn the pump on. After getting a good flow of water, you can put the skimvac back in skimmer and continue cleaning. Remember; keep the vacuum brush under water.

If your pool is very dirty and you have a lot of water in your pool, you could vacuum in the filter's waste position. Now water will go directly out the backwash hose with no need to stop to backwash. You are losing water quickly this way.

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