How Will You Use Your Backyard Swimming Pool?

by Pool Builders on 02-16-2012 in Articles

Maybe you're dreaming of owning a swimming pool, but are wondering what you can do with it besides just swim in it. Of course, getting cooled down in the summer months and enjoying a good swim is the main use and benefit of a swimming pool. But they're a big investment, and if you can do something else with it, why not? Or maybe you no longer can, or want to swim, but you still have that large swimming pool in your backyard. You don't want to go to the time, trouble and expense of filling it, but what else can you do with a swimming pool?

If your swimming pool is still full of water, and you still want to use it for its intended purpose, don't underestimate the power of a pool party, no matter your age. Often people associate pool parties with loud music and dancing teenagers; but why not make your PTA meetings a pool party in the summer, with everyone invited? Or plan the next charity event while the committee lounges around the pool and barbecue - or hold the charity event right there! When you put your pool at the center of any activity or event, people instantly become more relaxed and have fun with each other.

Another use for your pool if you're still interested in swimming in it is to turn it into a piece of exercise equipment. For resistance training, have jets and pull ladders installed that will let you work against your own weight and the water's weight - which is one of the best workouts you can get. Or for endurance training, have training laps painted on or installed with tiles. This is great for racers, or those that just want to challenge themselves every once in awhile!

One very creative idea for your pool when you're done using it as an actual pool is to turn it into a pond and fill it with your favorite fish (koi make particularly good candidates.) Of course, make sure you don't actually swim in it, as it will essentially be a living space and no longer a pool, and fill it up enough so that there's not a huge drop between the top of the pool and the surface of the water. You can even build an entire garden or patio around it and make your large pond the focal point of your backyard.

We do know of homeowners who open and close their Michigan pool simply so their dogs can enjoy it. Once it's no longer something you want in your yard, there are some options for pool removal.

If you must fill in a swimming pool in your backyard you'll need to obtain the proper permits and perform the removal according to your township or county requirements. Don't do it with concrete. Instead, fill it with soil that's appropriate for your area, and then use topsoil for the last few top layers. Plant a beautiful garden and again, make this the focal point of your yard. If you're going to use this option, be sure to hire a professional to do the actual work for you. You'll need to avoid things like the soil caving in and collapsing, and a professional will know how to do that.

Once you start thinking of all the many different uses for your backyard swimming pool, you'll see just how many possibilities there are. Whether you want to actually use your pool or not!

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